Dear Editor,

Ok. The dirty laundry is out there. Both major candidates are “despicable” and vulgar. No surprise in this corrupt governmental day and age. So, to save America, because no one person, such as the President, can ruin or save our country, because Congress and the Courts are in that relatively corrupt mix presently… we need to look at who will align with the Constitution and who will continue to destroy it, as Obama has. And, we all need to vote, not pull back.

Our only choice, who has a chance to win, because third parties can’t, unfortunately, is Trump. He is a direct supporter of the Constitution, as written and will work to repeal Obama’s terrible “reign” and actions. He will prevent Islamic Jihad and Shari’ah Law from further intrusion. These are the two of the most crucial issues of our time. The only current logical choice to save our Constitutional way of life is Trump. It’s that simple.

Jeff Barrow



Dear Editor,

Friends and Supporters of the American Legion:

As many of you know the American Legion has hosted Thanksgiving Dinner for many years, decades even. Over the years we have served thousands and hope with your help to continue this long standing tradition. As in the past few years we are again asking for your help with donations to help cover the cost of food and supplies. All donations can be picked up by a designated officer, mailed to the Post No. 19 or left with the on duty bartender.

Help us keep the tradition going. Please. Questions or any other information needed should be directed to the post during business hours (945-5226). We would like to thank you and greatly appreciate your donation to the American Legion’s 2016 Thanksgiving Dinner. It is with your help, that we are able to provide this holiday dinner to those homebound and to those that come down to join us and eat, in the Legion Hall. Thank You and we hope to see all of you again next year. Happy Holidays!

Thanks for your support!

Kenneth Carrothers



Dear Editor,

To the 70 percent of Americans believing the nation is on the wrong track. We have serious financial problems that if not corrected soon will completely devastate the average American.

The Federal Reserve has been propping up an administration that has totally politicized every agency of the government. Many people now doubt everything produced by those agencies. An administration based on secrecy, deceit and outright lies does not inspire confidence. The continued march of the progressives and international financiers to a New World Order is controlled by the United Nations—it must stop. Group organizations designed for basic functions are now headed by foreign bureaucrats with no state control. They give us instructions and rules dictated by these elites that must be complied with.

We must restore our security and dignity. The British people were able to accomplish this. I served my country 65 years ago; it would be the ultimate betrayal of all veterans living and dead, if our nation loses its independence and freedoms.

This is the most critical election in our history. Personalities and demeanor are not the critical factors. The odd couples to defeat Donald Trump are astonishing. Warren Buffet/George Sorros, Mitt Romeny/Barrack Obama, Harry Reid/Linsey, Graham. The world wide elites and professional bureaucrats fear the loss of power.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser a patriotic Muslim and U.S. Navy Veteran has been warning us of an International danger. Political Islam is the worldwide danger and number one recruiter for the Islamic Jihad. America can do nothing until this lawless insanity is removed.

No matter your position in society or how imperfect this nation, anarchy is not the answer. We all must vote to preserve our independent nation.

Edward Fowler



Dear Editor,

We citizens are in an unusual position as we approach the presidential election. It seems to many that they should vote for the least objectionable candidate or not vote at all.

Stop and consider how a single result of this election may affect the life of our Republic. One candidate plans to appoint strict constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. The other favors a Court that will modify the way the Constitution is interpreted and will appoint Justices accordingly.

There seems to be only one choice. If Donald Trump is elected and is judged to be unqualified, we, the people, can change that in four years. If Hillary Clinton is elected and it doesn’t work out, we can also change it in four years. However, the damage that will have been inflicted upon our Republic will take decades to recover from!

As always, the choice is ours!

Robert L. Heriza

Baker City, Ore.