Sheri Samson -  First grade Student Sophia Galeno proudly shows her picture of family at the open house at Schurz Elementary School.

Sheri Samson –
First grade Student Sophia Galeno proudly shows her picture of family at the open house at Schurz Elementary School.

The recent open house at Schurz Elementary held a room of excited school children as they escorted their families into the auditorium for hot dogs and hamburgers which were cooked by their newly assigned Principal Mike Domagala.

As the well attended dinner was winding down, Domagala greeted the crowd with introductions and an overview of the 2016-2017 school year. A newsletter was handed out, entitled “News from the Eagles Nest” giving detailed backgrounds from the staff and teachers, outlining who they are and specific qualifications about their careers in education.

Domagala explained a new program he would be implementing called DOG. This stood for “Dads On Guard” with the provision of local father’s assisting in the school system and being around to help provide safety. Men raised their hands in agreement and to volunteer at this early stage, showing an obvious willingness to become involved.

A new Kindergarten teacher was welcomed to the district, Stacie King, who comes with 20 years of teaching experience and a music background to assist her classroom and the other classes. King expressed, “After teaching all different elementary grades, I have to say the Kindergarten group is special to me. They are ready to learn, explore and enjoy everything and these students are fun.” King was delighted to meet the parents and gain their willingness to help in any way throughout the school year.

The classes in Schurz call for combo grade classes, due to a smaller attendance at the facility and yet there were many new students added this year. Each teacher expressed a positive outlook for the year, especially with their students.

Christy Grant, a returning third year Schurz teacher accepted the challenge of teaching a first and second grade combo class. Grant has over 15 years’ experience within the Mineral County School District and she believes that reading fluently and comprehending material is essential to each student’s success. She expressed that a combo class benefit is that children work together to reach their goals in English, Math and Science. This can encourage a first grader to move up faster in comprehension while a second grader is not only assisting others; they are solidly reinforcing the material they know in preparation to move forward.

With each classroom decorated in stimulating learning tools the students were happy to lead their parents to stations around the room as they shared the excitement of a new school year.