Wade Barton

Mineral County Commission Seat A candidate Wade Barton (blue shirt) was disqualified from running in the upcoming election due to a filing error.

The candidacy of Wade Barton, who had filed for Mineral County Commissioner – Seat A, was brought to action in the Eleventh District Court in Hawthorne on Wednesday, April 13.

In a petition filed by Mineral County District Attorney Sean Rowe, it is explained that Barton filed for Mineral County Commissioner – Seat A on March 18, 2016, in his Declaration of Candidacy, he filed as a Republican.

On Feb. 2, 2016, Barton changed his voter registration application for his previous party of Nonpartisan to that of Republican.

The challenge of the candidacy of Barton was brought forth by Cora L. Towe on April 1.

According to Nevada law, NRS 293.176 (b), “His or her designation of political party from nonpartisan to a designation of a political party affiliation on an appli- cation to register to vote in the State of Nevada or in any other state during the time beginning on December 31 preceding the closing filing date for that election and ending on the date of that election where or not the person’s previous registration was still effective at the time of the change in party designation.”

Barton, who represented himself in court,  explained to Judge Jim Shirley, that it was an honest mistake and he was comfortable with the decision that the judge would make.

The whole preceding took less than five minutes whereas Shirley explained to Bar ton that his candidacy for the seat of Mineral County Commissioner – Seat A is disqualified from the election and the court will uphold the challenge brought forth by Towe in this candidacy for county commissioner.