mcin 3-3-16

A 900-pound compressor was installed at Mineral County High School with the help of he SOC.

When a 900-pound compressor was delivered for installation into the basement level of the Mineral County High School, a perplexing dilemma was quickly ironed out as the staff of SOC and the Hawthorne Army Depot arrived to assist with proper riggers and a sky-trac, overseen by Paul Trujuillo, Supervisor of the assisting crew.

This replacement compressor was crucial, as it would be providing heat to the entire, aging high school building. Without the assistance of local help from the base, this endeavor would have been prolonged and incurred an equipment rental expense which the school district did not have within the budget.

Tom Gallegos, Maintenance Supervisor for the school district shared that without the help of Commander Gibbons, Steve McBride, SOC Supervisor and foreman Paul Trujillo, the undertakings of this magnitude would be costly and inconvenient within a rushed timeline.

Gallegos shared, “Living in a small town such as this, there is such a need to network our resources together and share our skilled professionals. Many of our economic resources are bound by limitations, but coordinating our efforts it has expanded each of our capabilities and more gets accomplished. We each seem to reach out, one to another and it’s helping the community. Our school district has been having instructional certification classes, which we found SOC and the Hawthorne Water District employees needed, so we included them in the training times. Again, this not only helps each entity, it assists our community as a whole. We are fortunate to have this communicational access and these various abilities to share within this county.”