Sheri Samson of Walker Lake went in front of the Mineral County Commissioners on Nov. 4 to reestablish the West Walker Lake Advisory Board.

Samson had submitted a letter to the commissioners outlining the history of the advisory board. In the letter, it stated that last point of filing done for the West Walker Lake Advisory Board was made by Debbie LaCroix in 2012. Since that time, there has been no other positions filed and terms have expired.

Included with their backup information, the commissioners were given the application of seven Walker Lake residents who were interested in positions on the advisory board.

Two positions would be one-year seats and three positions would be two-year seats.

While reviewing the applications, Tipton stated that she would like to see a business owner on the board, a long time resident

Explaining to the board, Samson told the commissioners that more longtime residents would possibly apply to the board after they see how this first appointment goes.

In a shuffle of upside down applications, Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz pointed to three people for two-year seats. They were Ben Miller, Tim Doyle and Jeff VanArkle.

Those chosen for one-year seats were Sheri Samson and Dana Lewis.

The alternate was Stewart Handte.

An application submitted byDarlene Doyle was not chosen.

Commissioner Paul MacBeth asked about bylaws. He asked that the board look over the bylaws and if changes need to be made, come back in front of the board.

Tipton asked that LaCroix deliver any materials pertaining to the West Walker Lake Advisory Board to the Mineral County Clerk’s office.