Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson

A 36-year old Hawthorne man faces sex-related charges after parents of a girl came forward.

Robert Peterson, a Hawthorne resident, was arrested on Nov. 16 on sex-related charges after concerned parents of a juvenile female reported to Mineral County Sheriff’s Office personnel that it was their belief that their child was a victim of abuse.

Multiple sheriffs’ office deputies encompassed an investigation that was also picked up by the sheriff’s office investigator.

After approximately 48 hours of dedicated investigation, Peterson was arrested on multiple felony charges.

Peterson was arrested on the following charges: statutory sexual seduction, child abuse, commission of certain sexual acts in public, open or gross lewdness and luring a child with computer for sex act. All charges are felonies and his total bail is $112,500.

In a press release from Mineral County Sheriff Randy Adams, he states, “There are several points that should be noted. In the initial hours of the investigation, steps were taken to ensure the safety and security of any potential victims but after that the personnel investigating these crimes remained poised and did not rush right in for an arrest. They ran a methodical and thorough investigation and rather than arresting on a single charge in the beginning, they were able to gather evidence to support the charges to date.”

The Independent-News was unable to confirm if further charges will be added to Peterson.

Adams continued, “It should also be noted that the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office Investigator position is a part-time position made possible with the grant funding through Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s office and our investigator was instrumental in getting this case to where it is today.”

The arrest of Peterson occurred at the sheriff’s office where Peterson had been interviewed. At press time, he had yet to post bail.

“I commend all that have been involved to this point, they have done outstanding work,” the sheriff concluded.