28 runners, 4,000 miles in 49 days for one cause, stopped in Hawthorne on their journey across the country.

The cause is for young adults ages 13-35 who are afflicted with cancer. The First Southern Baptist Church hosted the runners who were arrived on Friday, June 19 after running a leg of their journey in from Fallon.

Upon hearing the story of a child named Elijah McGhauey, who lost his battle to cancer in 2003, the team members asked to dedicate their next run from Hawthorne to Tonopah in his memory.

Following their presentation at 7 p.m. they answered all questions from the audience. The team has family members as well as teachers and friends who are or have been afflicted with cancer.

This Relay Team is commendable in their perseverance and devotion to run across the U.S. from San Francisco to Baltimore for the cause of cancer. A prayer and dedication circle was formed to conclude the evening.