4Heading north on Highway 95, you travel on a two-lane roadway as you enter Walker Lake. The major entry is Cottonwood Street which quickly comes into view, indicated by a small yellow Department of Transportation sign that shows a left and right turn section.

As the picture indicates, by the time you see this sign, the intersection is right there and offers no turn lanes. There are no blinking caution lights a mile prior, which could alert a driver to be more aware. Also, the speed limit through Walker Lake remains 50 mph, which is much higher than other rural cities, which is usually 35 mph.

The residents and businesses are asking, “What’s up with that?” as the intersection dangerously offers no safety.

Jen Kintz vocalized her concern. “Even though I put on my left hand signal way in advance, without fail someone is following me too close, going 50 mph. or more and not paying attention.  So many times I have to alter my turn by moving to the right as they whirl by me on the left.  It’s scary if there are vehicles in the south bound lane, because there is no leeway there.  It’s a tight squeeze to safely avoid a problem. Since it’s set up so poorly, I have to then circle back to cross over the highway in a secure way.  There’s even been times I have to continue straight down Highway 95, rather than get rear-ended by a semi-truck or some driver that doesn’t know the area.  I’ve been told the State can’t fix it until someone dies there, but it would sure be different if it was one of their family members.”

Tim Doyle admits that the concern is all about safety. “I think 50 is just too fast through here.  We have wandering sheep that get out in the roadway and not enough signage for driver’s to notice. The D.O.T. temporary lit sign helped some, but it didn’t stay. Then we have fallen rocks that occur right around the bend from our businesses.  This passage way, and the access points of Walker Lake need to be properly assessed by the State for the greatest amount of safety for the public and the drivers.  Some residents are just waiting for some fatality to occur, and that would be devastating.  It’s bad enough to see the sheep hit, and that’s because people drive too fast, follow too close, don’t pay attention and try to pass when they shouldn’t.”

So the question to the D.O.T. is “What’s Up With That?”