18U.S. Congressman Cresent Hardy (R-NV-04) accompanied by District Director, Sonia Joya; Communications Director, Scott Knuteson; and Military and Veteran Affairs District Representative, Charles Navarro, visited the Hawthorne Army Depot on May 27.

Lt. Col. Gregory Gibbons presented an overview briefing to the visitors regarding the mission and activities of the depot. Hawthorne Army Depot falls under the Joint Munitions Command and Army Materiel Command. The installation receives, stores and issues conventional munitions; demilitarizes and disposes of unserviceable, obsolete and surplus munitions; and maintains serviceability, through inspection and renovation, to ensure munitions readiness in support of Joint Forces.

The visitors observed a scenic view of the installation from the Black Beauty Reservoir. The depot abuts the town on three sides and has no problems with encroachment.

“Hawthorne is extremely patriotic and is very supportive of the depot and its activities. Many of the residents are veterans or have family members serving in the military,” Gibbons told the congressman.

A tour of the Western Area Demilitarization Facility (WADF) followed, showcasing HWAD’s demilitarization capabilities. The depot utilizes R3 methods of demilitarization with the objectives of reducing waste, reusing explosives that have been reclaimed, and recycling metals and other materials. Teresa McNally, munitions handler supervisor, provided a safety briefing and guided the group through an operational building to watch demilitarization activities currently in progress.

The congressman and staffers were also afforded the opportunity to view stored rocket motors inside one of the climate controlled bunkers. The low humidity of the desert location provides an ideal environment for storage of various arms, munitions and equipment.

“The innovative, professional team at Hawthorne Army Depot are leading the way with their work on this critical national resource,” Hardy said. “Besides the extensive economic benefit Hawthorne Army Depot brings to the local area, it also serves a crucial role as an archival storage site and in helping ensure the U.S. complies with its obligations for the safe, proper disposal of munitions.”