14An unsolved crime case was presented, involving an entire cast of famous Nursery Rhyme characters as the Mineral County High School and Jr. High students acted out the Fairy Tale Unit of Law and Order, written by Jonathan Rand, on Friday evening May 8.

Director and teacher, Jeannie Jepson and her assistant Sheena Douglas, led the students into a full production that involved a painted backdrop, props, staging and memorized dialogue by many students and dedication from everyone.

Costumes were done by Natausha Dupree; artwork by Jessica Trujillo and stage building by Brian Peatean, Tristan Reynolds and Mr. Domagala.

This 45 minute production led the audience through a crime solving portrayal, layered with humorous puns which kept the audience giggling.  Many of the cast were interrogated into multiple parts, with new costuming and foreign accents to fit the part.

The children in the audience could identify many of the characters, such as The Three Blind Mice, The Little Three Pigs, The Seven Dwarfs, The Muffin Man, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and many others.  In the end, with the help of Detective H.D. – Humpty Dumpty played by Cad Horn and Detective Cindy, played by Gloria Bale the perpetrator was narrowed down to the Big Bad Wolf, played by Alyjah Dotson.  Once in court, Julie Sanchez and Michael Smith, both playing the part of attorneys, were able to work with Judge Godmother played by Claudia Perone to bring the truth forward.

In the end, with the Big Bad Wolf still licking his lips, the attorney stated, “We were all hungry for justice and it was already served.”