The newly formed Mineral County High School Science Club will be visiting the University of Nevada Reno’s campus and the Fleishmann Planetarium as part of their end-of-the-year field trip. Kathy Trujillo, lead of the local RECON team provided funds for the entry fee to the Planetarium, where the students will be viewing “Ultimate Universe” in the afternoon. This show is described as: “From the outer reaches of space and time, through wonderous galaxies, to the majesty of our own solar system, take a grand tour of the universe, its most provocative secrets and the major components of the cosmos.”

MCHS Science Club members are an instrumental part of the local RECON activities in which the Hawthorne team records predicted asteroid paths during RECON “campaigns.” In addition to the “Ultimate Universe” show the Planetarium also feature, “SkyTonight,” which will show the students what’s up in the springtime sky. This will be helpful as the students use planets and prominent stars to align the RECON telescope.

Mrs. Keady has been instrumental in coordinating RECON activities with the students and introducing them to astronomy at Mineral County High School. This field trip is an excellent opportunity for the students to tour the university campus and universe all in one day!