Dear Editor,

Mr. Seymour, please refresh my memory. The only letter of yours I recall that has anything in it about helping people who cannot clean their property themselves, is one wanting the commissioners to hold a meeting asking people to volunteer to do it. How is this about you helping them? As you can see I do read the letters to the editors. No one is trying to make you out to be a bad person. Only you can do that.

Harold Dimmick


Dear Editor,

Saturday, May 2nd was a horrible day for me. I had felt so good on Friday after my cataract surgery and was told it would be ok to grocery shop the next day if I was careful.

As I was about to go, my beagle, Jordan, began her “scream barking” which meant only one thing – the pit bull that had been terrorizing us for weeks was in the yard.

I went out and looked up the driveway and saw the killer dog with one of my ducks in his mouth and shaking it. I feared he would attack me so I called the sheriff’s office for help and to notify Dan, who is our animal control man.

The deputy tried to follow the dog in his car but lost him and when he told Dan where he lost him, Dan knew where it lived. He then picked up the dog.

This creature killed eight of my ducks, a mother and her four, six-week old babies and another cat whose babies I am trying to save with goat milk.

I am told the killer dog is confined at his home for now but I still live in fear when I have to leave my property.

I don’t trust the low life creeps who raised this animal to kill and then let it run loose. In my opinion, these degenerates should be locked up.

One person told me he chased this dog away many times and it always left dead cats in his yard.

I’m 79 years old and have always had animals. Not one of them was ever a killer because they were loved and treated well.

I feel pity for this dog and deep hatred for his inhumane family. They are evil.

I must thank the deputy and Dan for their kindness and help. They cleaned the mess and took the dead birds and animals. They are people to be proud of in this town. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Phyllis Conger


(Editor’s Note: On Monday, May 25, the Independent-News received a phone call from Ms. Conger. The dog had once again gotten into her yard on Saturday, May 23. It killed two more birds. She states that the sheriff’s office is now in custody of the animal and it is confined to the animal control shelter.)