8As cars were pulling up to the Lion’s Park last week, anxious boys and girls were sprinting to the grassy areas, many with mitts in hand to begin joining their Little League team for their first practice.

Caleb Dobson was one such six year old, preparing for his third year of baseball.  He ran ahead of his family to get started in the team spirit of practicing his right arm throws.  He could hardly stand still, waiting for the practice to get started.

“I already know how to play – it’s really fun,” he proudly said while holding up his over-sized glove, ready to catch whatever was thrown his way.

About 15 boys and girls began their practice by running some laps, then coaches Shawn and Melissa Isom divided the group into lines, teaching them how to throw and catch.

As the parents gathered along the sidelines, laughter and smiles were shared while watching these five and six year old team members overthrow the baseballs while the catchers would let the ball run along the ground between their legs, just for the chance to chase it.

The Hawthorne Little League is headed up by Jason Cardenas as President, and Jeff Nelms as Vice President.  It is well organized and has a website that explains all the details from signup, to player and parent information.  Several parents commented that the league has made every attempt to keep the signups easy and the price as low as possible.

An impressive pledge is detailed for the Little League player, the parent and volunteers, the league and on down to the managers, umpires and on lookers.

Little Dobson’s group pledge included: “I trust in God; I love my country and will respect its laws; I will play fair and strive to win, But win or lose I will always do my best.”

Parents and volunteers are challenged to provide reinforced positive support, praise and have a conduct of commitment that included being on time to practices and games.  To learn more about the program, which is offered to all ages, please visit their website at hawthornelittleleague.org and view their Facebook page provided as a link.