Dear Editor,

As we all know spring has come again, and it’s time for the dreaded yard work, or even thinking about getting outside to spruce up your land before the nuisance lawman comes a knocking. At any rate and I do mean “rate”! If you have to take anything up to the landfill, you may get a big surprise. Rates are not as they seem. It depends on who is working at the landfill gate that day. Some people stick to the correct rate, others charge $90 per truck load or more. Yes, I said $90. The gentleman working for me was told it was a construction debris load and it was not. It was yard debris. As it had been two days prior when it was $10 per truck load for junk and debris.

They were also told that day that if they brought any more loads up that day he would continue to charge them $95 per load no matter what. The date this took place was March 23 of this year. I don’t know who makes up these fees but this is outrageous.

We pay fees on our utility bills for landfill fees. We pay $120 per year on our taxes for landfill assessment fees, now you made $110 off me in three dump runs between March 22 at $10 for two truckloads of junk and debris and March 23, $90 for one truckload of supposed construction debris of which I have shared a photo of the load.

So far this year, the county has already made $230 off me and this is not including the monthly utility bill or even the end of the year yet, so how much will it cost me by the time the year is over? Welcome to spring!

Really? You don’t even pay that in Reno. Come on people, rise up and have a conversation about this. They want us to beautify, how? With these prices! It’s against the law to live in a dump. But yet, who can afford $90 per load to go to the landfill? It’s even hard for people at $10 per load. And you wonder why everybody hits the desert. What further confuses me is in our paper, just two weeks ago, were the fees so people would be aware as they went up to the landfill. Nowhere did I see a $90 fee for anything or even close. I feel I’m due a partial refund and anyone else whom as paid an outrageous fee like this.

If the commissioners really think this ok, then we the people need to do something, because we are getting screwed three ways as I see it. I understand I need to pay my taxes to upkeep things, but not like this.

Remember people your utility bill, your tax assessment per household and now every trip to the dump at whatever they want to charge as per whomever is up there.

Anybody else with me?

Thank you,

Connie Ellis Martin


Dear Editor,

On Friday, March 27th, U. S. Senator Harry Reid, who for at least the past two years has held up Congressional legislation as he stonewalled the Republican-held House of Representatives, announced he will not run for reelection in 2016. Thank God!

Before there is too much celebratory activity, let’s remember that Harry Reid is a seasoned politician who has long lived off the public dole while somehow managing to amass a personal fortune. Harry Reid didn’t make this decision because of his health. Harry Reid made this decision because of a number of potential factors, all of which are intended to benefit Harry Reid.

Let’s think on this a minute.

One – for the past four years Reid has bashed and defamed the Koch brothers and their family who own one of the largest corporate enterprises in the U. S. Harry knows this is the first election since he began his tirades and attacks and that it is almost certain the Koch brothers would provide heavy political contributions to Reid’s opponent in 2016. Union influence and financing has been on the wane and Reid knows the Union’s alone could not compete with the contributions provided by the Koch’s.

Two – just the past week the Inspector General announced that Reid was one of three politicians who may have sought favor from a deputy director of the Immigration and Naturalization Agency to approve visas for foreign “visitors,” implying Reid may have illegally exerted his political influence.

Three – just as Barack Obama has found out, not running for reelection can be very liberating. We may just begin to see how rogue Reid may become when he doesn’t have to worry about assuaging the views of Nevada voters simply to remain in office. Bitter battles led by Reid may be in store in the U.S. Senate as Reid rumbles to his retirement from that body.

Four – Reid has left a bad taste and reputation in the mouths of some Nevadans. Reid’s son, Rory lost a bid in the gubernatorial race against Brian Sandoval a few years ago, most likely because of his association with his father. If Harry Reid does not step down, Rory will fast become too old, in political terms, to garner the imagination of younger liberal voters who, as many of us know, do everything based on visual appeasements, never minding to learn the facts of things. Reid must go in order for Rory Reid to have any political future.

So go ahead and celebrate Harry Reid’s retirement. But be wary of what Reid is planning for the future. Be very wary…

Sue Silver


Dear Editor,

To the Residents of Mineral County:

For those of you who don’t understand that not counting over 170 votes really is bad, here are a few facts.  Voting is a civil right granted to me by the Constitution of the United States of America.  Once I hand in my vote no one can destroy, misplace, or tamper with that vote.  I cannot withdraw my own vote.  My vote is guaranteed by our constitution to be protected, secret and counted.  There are ironclad rules in place regarding the handling of votes to assure citizens that their votes are secret, secure and counted.  Any person that destroys, misplaces, tapers with or commits any action that prevents my vote from being counted has committed a violation of my civil rights.  Mineral County will probably get and lose a lawsuit for these civil rights violations.  Be aware that this is not going to go away.  It is an embarrassment to Mineral County, the elected officials involved, and the entire state.  It will also be an embarrassment to Mineral County, the elected officials involved, and the entire state.  It will also be an embarrassment for anyone from Nevada seeking a higher office.

Sandra Essenpreis

Walker Lake