1Last month, Charles Navarro, military liaison, and Jose Garcia, congressional aide, for Congressman Cresent Hardy (R-NV-04), visited Hawthorne Army Depot. National VFW Commander John Stroud joined them to view demilitarization activities at the New Bomb Range.

Lt. Col. Gregory Gibbons presented an overview briefing to the visitors regarding the mission and activities of the depot. Hawthorne Army Depot, which falls under the Joint Munitions Command, receives, stores and issues conventional munitions; demilitarizes and disposes of unserviceable, obsolete and surplus munitions; and maintains serviceability, through inspection and renovation, to ensure munitions readiness in support of Joint Forces.

The congressional visitors were provided with a physical overview of the depot and the town. A tour of the Western Area Demilitarization Facility gave them an opportunity to observe demilitarization efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover components of the munitions. Teresa McNally explained the step by step process of a pull apart job. Navarro wondered if they had to have different equipment and processes for each type of munition.

McNally said, “Each munition has a separate standing operating procedure. There are specific machines for each type. The biggest thing in all our operations is ensuring safety.”

After the tour, Navarro said, “Hawthorne has truly gone above and beyond in maintaining an environmentally friendly approach to sustaining their military obligations.”