Dear Editor,

In regards to Hillary’s email, if the Secretary of States Office in Washington, D.C. does not maintain a complete record of all incoming and outgoing email activity, they are in need of some adult supervision.  If they do have the official record, what does it matter what Hillary has?

We have experienced a lot of furor concerning NSA capturing and keeping electronic correspondence – surely they have a record of Hillary’s activity (along with mine).  It would seem logical that they would intensify their snooping any time the Secretary of State (or any other high-ranking Government official) visits a foreign nation – any related email activity should be the most important Hillary engaged in while in office, and there most certainly should be an NSA file.

Regarding the 47 Senators, did the Israeli Prime Minister draft the letter for them?  Did he offer some sort of compensation for it?  Shame on the 47; there should be that many recall elections (including one in Nevada!).

John I. Beavers


Dear Editor,

To the voters of Mineral County:

I was amazed at last week’s letter to the editor by Mr. McCahill. No one has asked anyone to change the results of the election, what they have asked for is that the votes they cast be counted.  Unfortunately because of the action of one elected official, 176 of our votes were hidden away in a desk drawer instead of being placed in the clerk’s office vault where they would have been counted with the rest of the votes. This is at the very least, malfeasance. The person responsible needs to be held to account, along with the county commissioners for not doing their job when they certified the election results.  If we do not get a new election a class action lawsuit will be filed in federal court for malfeasance resulting in the civil rights of 176 voters being violated.  This situation is not going to go away until it’s rectified.  We have a right to an honest legitimate outcome to our elections where every vote counts.

James Esssenpreis

Walker Lake

Dear Editor,

In last week’s paper the front page headline referred to the bill SB2 before the Committee on Transportation increasing the speed limit to 85 mph in rural areas.  Why?  Don’t we in rural areas count as human beings who also live in this State?  Imagine an 18 wheeler, loaded to the max, crashing into a car filled with family members at the rate of 85 mph.  The driver of the truck may possibly survive such a crash, but not one person in the car would.

I remember in my youth, the State of New Jersey talking about increasing the speed limit on the NJ Turnpike to 65 mph.  It raised a hue and cry among the populace of the state.  Most folks were satisfied with the 60 mph that was in force at the time and they felt that an increase was not warranted.  As a matter of fact, a blurb in the Jersey Journal (my local paper at the time) stated that “if you were going 65 mph, you weren’t driving, you were aiming.”

It’s bad enough that the truckers consistently drive faster than the posted speeds, some car drivers do too.  At least, if they are in an accident while breaking the speed laws, they can be prosecuted for breaking the law.  However, if the limit is increased, they can get away with it by saying they were not doing anything illegal – it’s just an accident.

I do not understand this need for speed on public highways.  If you like speed there are enough race tracks peppered around this State to satisfy your need for it.  We are killing people off at an alarming rate as it is.  At 85 mph you are killing entire families at an even more alarming rate.

And then there is the cost of fuel.  Increased speeds mean increased costs of fuel.  These costs will be passed on to the consumer, thereby raising the basic cost of living.  Moreover, this will raise the profits of big Oil which are already raking in obscene profits.  How much more of this nonsense can the average person stand before he catches on to the motives of Big Business.

The hidden motivation which was not revealed in the article is just another way of raising the bottom dollar for big business.  Move the goods faster, get them to market faster and sell them to the consumer faster thereby increasing our profits faster and to hell with anyone in the way. And by the way, NDOT is sponsoring a Zero Fatalities program that will probably fail miserably if this program is implemented.  No doubt the Republicans don’t care about the citizens of this state.  On the other hand, if they do, then they will not pass this bill.

Dan McCahill


Dear Editor,

How come the Mineral County Commissions time and place of meeting is no longer listed in the local newspaper’s community calendar?

How come I haven’t seen a repeal of the vicious nuisance laws listed in the local newspaper?

A lot of people around here are going to be mad at you for a long time about the lost chicken jobs, we all know you could have leased Babbitt for $1 a year and gotten one of your many grant writers to write up a grant to and for the little company GEN and all the lost jobs it wanted to have.

Will Jones