Jeremy Williams met with the Mineral County Board of County Commissioners on Jan. 7 to discuss entering into an agreement to reopen the southern shooting range which had been closed by the Army years earlier.

Williams came prepared with a Memorandum of Understanding from the U.S. Army and SOC in support of the reopening of the facility where many locals use to target shoot and sight in their guns.

“What I’m asking is the county comes on board in a partnership program to reestablish with minimal capital investment to get it [the range] up and going. Basically, we are doing this to eliminate the risk of public safety. You know everybody is shooting everywhere; people are running across gun shooters in the desert when running their dog, walking or doing whatever. It’s become, almost, a hazard.”

Explaining that he had locals who were willing to give their time, money and materials to get the facility up and usable, Williams was granted request on the memo of understanding.