With the vacant position left from the election of Randy Adams to Mineral County Sheriff, Juvenile Probation is in need of a position.

Chief Deputy Curtis Schlepp met with the Mineral County Board of County Commissioners on Jan. 7, along with Sheriff Adams and District Judge Kim Wanker to hash out ideas for the position.

“My proposal is not filling the juvenile probation officer position and using a sheriff’s officer that is a category 1 peace office as a peace officer and fill in as a juvenile officer, when needed.” Schlepp would state to the board.

“(Judge Robert) Lane and I have had discussed this and Mr. Schlepp had approached me about this the last time I was here and I spoke to Judge Lane about it and here is our concern, which we have – this is what we ask. You are taking a juvenile probation position which is under jurisdiction of Juvenile Court. It is a judicial position. You are trying to combine it with an executive department position so you are combining two branches of the government now and juvenile probation officer falls under the judicial department.” Wanker began.

“We ask that they provide a written explanation, description of job duties and responsibilities of what intent was so the judges can look at it and decide whether or not. I had approached Mr. Schlepp before, as you know, and this was generated, in large part by the closure of the juvenile detention facility here. We need to either reinvent ourselves or that facility will be closed.” Wanker stated.

“Just looking at how the philosophy of how handling juveniles is changing. From lock up to trying to avoid lock up type facilities.” Wanker noted.

She would go on to state that the juvenile master position currently filled by Vic Trujillo and $16,200 of the Schlepp’s salary being picked up by Nye County and that was an agreement that had been made before her term with Judge John Davis. When the Don Goforth Detention Facility closed in 2013, Nye County continued to pick up funds. Now, Nye County, too – has a shortage of funds and at times has run in the red. The plan of attack was to not fill position vacated by an officer in Tonopah, cut a juvenile hearing master position in Pahrump with Judges Robert Lane and Wanker picking up the overload. The savings was $22,000. Mineral County was notified that they would have to pay for the supplement of Trujillo and Schlepp’s salaries.

Wanker went on to state that possible Mineral and Nye could share a juvenile officer since they are both under the Fifth District Court. She had suggested it to Schlepp previously but he was uninterested. She asked for a written proposal a month ago. To the date of the meeting, she had yet to receive anything.
Adams proposed that they too get the category peace 1 officer, from the sheriff’s office into the juvenile probation spot to help cover both spots.

Wanker went on to again stress the point of combining to different branches of government.
The position will remain vacant until further notice.