In February, three drawing tutorials will be held at Mineral County Library. The classes are Basic Character Drawing, Monster Drawing Techniques – Creatures, and Monster Drawing Techniques – Werewolf. Please watch newspaper for the upcoming ad showing the class dates. Supplies for these three classes will be provided for up to 20 registered participants.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts, which provides our streaming art tutorials, is a world class art school, providing online training with some of the world’s finest FX artists and technicians. The first class, Basic Character Drawing, is taught by renowned artist and sculptor Davis Fandino who has done special effects on many films. The Monster Drawing Techniques – Creatures class is taught by FX artist Tim Martin who worked on Jurassic Park 3, The Thing and other films. Monster Drawing Techniques – Werewolf is taught by special effects sculptor and creature designer Jessie Fohrman. Participants will watch the tutorials during class and follow the instructors as they demonstrate their techniques. It is a good idea, though, for students to view the tutorials prior to class so that they have an understanding of what we will do in class. Contact Library Director, Courtney Oberhansli at 945-2778, for information on signing up for the class and accessing the tutorials.

We are the first library in the United States with this program and we want artists and budding artists in town to take advantage of it. This exciting program is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Nevada State Library and Archives. This grant helps us to bring special programs to this community. Please join us in February.