5A popular Christmas tradition was revamped this holiday season with carolers singing traditional Christmas songs in the streets and homes of Hawthorne.

Once a popular tradition of church and youth groups, this group of warmly bundled up carolers delighted people with the sounds of Christmas while on the back of a trailer.

The tradition of Christmas caroling can trace its roots back to the Festival of Yule when groups of people gathered to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

One of the most popular Christmas carols is “Silent Night” whose legend involves the broken church organ on Christmas Eve. Written in German, the song was written in time for the church’s midnight mass in the Bavarian town of Oberndorf to be sang without music accompaniment.

Other legends state that orphans would go from door to door singing tunes looking for handouts from generous homeowners who would listen to the voices of hungry children.

In Hawthorne, the pride of community spirit brought out a great group of people who were emerged in Christmas spirit to spread cheer to those who may be friend or foe.

Some people who were unsure of the sight even stopped and listened to the group as they traveled on E Street, wishing all a Merry Christmas.