Nevada’s Joining Forces multi-county law enforcement program is launching its “Click it or Ticket” education effort alongside the nationwide effort to encourage motorists to strap on their seat belts.

Between Nov. 13 and Dec. 2, Mineral County law enforcement officers will fan out across Nevada in search of motorists who are not buckled up. Although seat belt use is not a primary offense in Nevada, seat belts are proven to be a primary factor in decreasing fatalities in a crash.

Officers are well trained and experienced in detecting drivers who try to “fake it” or slyly slip on their seat belts upon being pulled over.

Their message, don’t fake it, buckle up day and night. Nevada statistics show that between 2007 and 2011, nearly a third (64 percent) of fatalities and serious injury crashes involving unbelted occupants occurred at night.

Nationwide, if vehicle occupants ages five and older wore their seat belts, some 3,031 lives could have been saved in 2012.