mcin 11-13-14Raj Singh, the owner of the Road Runner Motel in Schurz, was arrested after meeting with Judge Jay Gunter in Hawthorne Justice Court on Wednesday, Nov. 5.

During court proceedings, Gunter allowed Singh to remain free on the $50,000 bail posted in Sacramento after officers raided the motel and found over $500,000 worth of marijuana and other contraband on the premises.

Arrested by Sheriff Stewart Handte after leaving the building, Singh was escorted to the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked on stalking charges. The arrest report from that date stated he had been arrested for harassment.

Handte states that Singh had flooded his office with emails and calls regarding the raid on the motel and would not stop, even after being warned by the sheriff.

Steve Evenson, attorney for Singh, gave a short comment on the arrest of his client.

“I think we have a sheriff who lost the election, who exercised unlawfully and unjustfully his powers without a warrant on a misdemeanor charge which took place weeks before and is not valid,” he said.

Evenson would not discuss the case further and stated that the hearing for Singh had yet to be placed on the docket, per his knowledge.

Handte, who has been the sitting sheriff of Mineral County since Dec. 19 lost his bid for the non-partisan seat of sheriff to Randy Adams by only 75 votes.

In an interview with News10 Sacramento, Handte stated, “As long as I’m sitting sheriff of this county, I’m not going to stand for it. He was adequately warned. I told him and he refused to comply, ergo the arrest.”

After Singh was placed in the back of the cruiser, Evenson went back into the courtroom and obtained an order from the judge allowing Singh to be released on his own recognizance.

Until a date is set in court the motel will sit boarded up.