One Hawthorne man learned too late to make sure his own hands were clean before calling the police to report a robbery. The man called the sheriff’s department to report a burglary and found himself arrested and led off in cuffs instead.

Michael Brown, 27, resident of the 600 block of G Street, arrived home from work to find a broken window and a Sony DVD player and a small amount of cash missing. One other thing was missing: Brown filing a change of address with Nevada law enforcement.

Undersheriff Steve McBride and Deputy Natalie Hults responded to the victim’s complaint.

“During the ensuing investigation, we checked Brown’s identification, and we found he was an ex-felon who failed to register his change of address as per NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes). Unfortunately for Brown, he was a victim, but he was arrested and booked on charges of ex-felon failing to change his address,” McBride said.

McBride also said police remanded Brown to the Mineral County jail with bail set at $2,200.

The investigation into the burglary is ongoing.