Dear Editor,

I’m feeling kind of sad today. How much longer are we, the 99 percent, going to keep putting nice people like the Kirby’s in jail, giving them huge fines and taking all they own, just cause the 1 percent wants us to? I don’t know why they want us to but they do.

The 1 percent uses cover up names like drug wars when in reality it’s a war on Americans. Young Americans, middle aged Americans and old Americans. A war on America.

Here’s the thing. Even though they may protest bitterly, Handte and the County Commissioners, Mr. Morris from Walker Lake, our County judges, you and me are all just part of the 99 percent. The 1 percent are already well on their way to buying all the houses, land, farms and highways. That’s because they’ve figured out how to get all the money and now their using it to buy up all the land. They’re even starting to buy the public utilities.

We all know the Kirby’s are just old poor people, with no friends in high places.

We all know if the Kirby’s had been rich people with friends in high places, then the Kirby’s would already have purchased all the required fees and permits, would already have stood around grinning, shaking hands with the County Commissioners while cutting the ribbon to their brand new marijuana factory instead of languishing in jail unable to bond.

Will Jones


Dear Editor,

And  brothers and sisters of Mineral County:

While it was kinda fun trading verbal barbs recently with Sir Morris in the Editorials of the Independent-News. Reasoning people can clearly see that the real problem threatening our peace and security is not a rusty car a mile down the road. It is rather the hungry masses being displaced by other hungry masses around the world.

To be perfectly honest with you; mean policemen and mean judges scare me more than hippies.

Yours Truly,

Long Shadow, King of the Hippies

Aka Wilken Jones

Dear Editor,

A perfect example of how things can be “lost in translation” has happened in my Letter to the Editor last week. I apologize. My word processor left out two lines.

The letter said, “If he, Mr. Tool, would like to interview me to be a bother or inconvenience to him, and this note perhaps is enough.”

This should have read, “If he, Mr. Tool, would like to interview me I would be pleased to meet him. I don’t want to be a bother or inconvenience to him and this note perhaps is enough.”

That is one fine example of how meaning can even be changed, as well as lost in translation.

Thank you again,

William N. Boynton

Dear Editor,

I am proud to announce that on July 10, 2014; Cherrie George (Mineral County Clerk and Ex Officio Registrar of voters), did affix her signature and seal to:

Certificate of Petition Sufficiency of the Referendum Petition (to Revoke Ordinance 229@ Bill 245).

According to the Clerks Office 204 signatures were required. 253 signatures were obtained. 11 signatures were disqualified various reasons leaving a balance of 242 validated signatures.

The Certification is referred to the Board of Commissioners for appropriate consideration pursuant to NRS 295.115: 1.When an initiative or referendum petition has been finally determined sufficient, the board shall promptly consider the proposed initiative ordinance in the manner provided by law for the consideration of ordinances generally or reconsider the referred ordinance by voting its repeal. If, within 30 days after the date the petition was finally determined sufficient, the board fails to adopt the proposed initiative ordinance without any change in substance or fails to repeal the referred ordinance, the board shall submit the proposed or referred ordinance to the registered voters of the county. 2.The vote of the county on the proposed or referred ordinance must be held at the next general election. Copies of the proposed or referred ordinance must be made available at the polls.

We had the opportunity, by request, to be present at the signature verification process and I would like to take the time to Thank the county clerk and her staff for their professionalism, politeness, sense of humor, unbiased work ethics and friendliness in that 4 hour long grueling task!

I also would like to take this time to Thank Tony, Sam, and David who took the time out of their lives and stepped up to gather signatures to make this project successful, and to Thank every person who stood up for freedom and our rights by signing this petition. 

I want to give a special Thanks to Robert and Arlene Hofferer for providing a local place for signatures in Hawthorne and for going out of their way to travel and get signatures. Without that local effort working within Hawthorne we would not have been successful!

Glen Inlow

Mineral county PAC