Dear Editor,

We can only hope that the very upper echelons of the 1 percent will one day have remorse and regret and compassion for the soldiers they now command to slaughter. They do so to enhance and maintain their own personal power. Sometimes without shame.

For clarification I shall now and henceforth, refer to our little government click and friends as the Morris County Power Grabbers. We all know Mr. Inlow is right about that.

Right now they are out there in thee open. But beware, they are conniving to alter the laws of the county in such a way as to allow them to operate in secret. No more open and public letter to thee editor.

Like all those who aspire to the 1%. It really is all about the money. Your money Mr. Morris. 

The Morris County Power grab crowd are trying to made a middle man they can call and complain to about their neighbors to. One person it could be a woman. One person with the power to compel our fairly friendly Mineral County Sheriff’s deputies to be their personal enforcement soldiers. And all they got to do is make a phone call from the secrecy and privacy of their hiding places.

No more complaining in letter to the editor. Just call thee inspector. Their inspector.

These aspiring one percenters really are trying to compel the county, us really, to incrase the property value of their property. The one percenters property.

By forcing the 99%, the rest of us really, to get rid of our rusty old cars that some of us cherish.

So what if it causes fines and confiscations after all the more money they can squeeze from the poor, the more power they can give themselves.

Sounds like all Mr. Morris needs to be truly happy is an houseboat on Walker Lake. He got friends in high place. A nice government grant to build a nice houseboat dock. Pull some strings Mr. Morris.

And stop trying to incite the rest of us to be angry at our neighbors, just cause you want to be richer by forcing the rest of us to raise your property value.

Longshadow aka Wilken Jones