Dear Editor,

I feel the need to publicly address common remarks being made concerning the Mineral County Nuisance Abatement Ordinance, by those who believe government is the solution to all our problems by controlling every aspect of our lives.

It seems these people refuse to acknowledge the government over reach of private property rights concerning this Ordinance, while continually rampaging about clean up. They also attempt to intimidate those who are against this Ordinance, by implication that whoever stands against it likes to live in filth and garbage.

The truth of the matter is that this Ordinance is not about clean up as much as it is about using the excuse of a few problems within the county to justify removing the private property rights of everyone. It is about them having the power to force the people to bring their yards and homes up to the standards of the few wealthy (regardless of how clean it is), or be forced from their homes through fines and tax liens, even when their homes are clean and painted, if the building inspector decides their home is not as pretty as their neighbors, or their yards do not conform to the expected standard of their neighbors.

They keep harping about the county and the people coming together to help the elderly and the poor come up to the standard of the more affluent. Really? Do we need an oppressive County law threatening the very homes of the elderly or poor to get the people to help them? In America do we actually put into place laws that threaten the Elderly and poor and then make them depend on the same government that is threatening to take them from their homes to get assistance to be able to keep them? Is that really the America you are willing to live under?

They continually imply that the people who support getting rid of this oppressive law likes living in filth, junk, and squalor. The reality is that the majority of the people supporting the elimination this oppressive law live in nice homes and have nice yards. Some of the supporters live in immaculate homes with fancy yards. Why do they support eliminating this oppressive law? Because they realize that giving their own property rights up to County Government Control is not the proper way to achieve success for anyone other than the County Government itself!

They realize that in a County not everyone can or will live in the same lifestyle as them and if you give up your rights to achieve your goal, then somewhere down the road you may be in the same boat as those you are attempting to run out of town. Every dictator on earth uses ‘for the common good’ as the excuse to take everyone’s rights. That is exactly the same mentality as those who want to take our rights to own firearms because a few improperly use that right.

This is not a battle to clean or not to clean, it is a battle to own or not to own!!!!

Glen H. Inlow

Mineral County PAC for Limited Government