Green Energy Nevada LLC management and MCEDA Executive Director, Shelley Hartmann, wants to remind Hawthorne citizens of the main purpose of GEN: to produce affordable energy.

“The reason I even got to know them (GEN) is through the green energy generator they invented,” Hartmann said. She added that as soon as egg production gets off the ground, the company will focus on its generator.

“Their generator is a brand-new invention—no one’s ever done this before. This is exciting technology,” Hartmann said.

The generator also takes up considerably less space –about 10,000 square feet — than its solar and windmill counterparts according to Hartmann. “The energy generator they’ve invented and have a patent for, is a way to create electricity without using other energy and without a lot of moving parts,” Hartmann explained.

“If every community had one of these, then we wouldn’t need to worry about the grid because everyone would have their own internal grid,” Hartmann added.

According to Hartmann, potential attacks against America’s power grid are a major concern for Homeland Security because the grid is aging, and expensive to replace or repair. GEN’s generator has the possibility of changing that.

NV Energy charges 11 cents per kilowatt hour while GEN can sell their energy for approximately 4 cents per kilowatt hour. It’s a big savings,” Hartmann said.

Hawthorne doesn’t yet have the engineering inclined kind of workforce GEN needs to build their product said Hartmann. The company plans to stage an exhibition of their generator and wants to expose Hawthorne youth to the engineering field so they can help manufacture the generators. 

Hartmann explained that GEN intends that both the poultry farm and generator company have an equal presence in Hawthorne. She added that GEN is a multi-faceted company with at least 10 patents they would like to put in to production.

Hartmann projected GEN manufacturing and research sites for these patents as well. “As soon is all the ink is dry and all the agencies that need to regulate things are happy, you’re going to see a lot of activity. They’re operating on their own money and they need to get to profitability as soon as possible,” Hartmann said.

“They’re not stalling; there’ll be no grass growing underneath their feet because they do have a lot of moving parts,” Hartmann added.

Is the country going to embrace a brand new form of energy that they don’t have to pay a lot for? I don’t know,” Hartmann concluded.