Mineral County Animal Control Officer, Dan Brogden, issued a citation to an individual on June 6 for having his dog locked in a hot truck. “It was overcast, and I have an infrared thermometer, and it read 100 degrees,” Brogden said.

Experts say at 100 degrees, dogs can no longer cool themselves by panting.

“I cited him under NRS 574120, which is failure to provide food and water. I really wanted to send a big message that this isn’t gonna go,” Brogden said. The incident happened in the parking lot of the El Capitan casino.

“There was a call that came in, and deputies tried to find the guy and couldn’t. Luckily for the owner of the truck, we were able to gain entry without breaking the windows. Once we got the dog out, she calmed right down.” Brogden said. The dog was distressed according to Brogden.

After giving the dog some water, and a dose of air conditioning, Brogden took the dog to the animal shelter because of their inability to contact the owner. He left notices of where the dog was detained, and the owner responded about 30 minutes later.

“I charged him the impound fee, I got him for everything,” Brogden said. 

Brogden said he wants the public to know that he possesses infrared thermometer. “With that thermometer, I can point it right at the inside of the vehicle, and bam, we’ll know the temperature right then, and we’ll have the evidence.”

Experts recommend NEVER leaving your animal in a parked car, not even with the window cracked