By Stephen Tool, MCIN Staff

Students looked attentively at one another and their class instructor as each spoke a brief introduction and told their peers what brought them to this Mineral County Economic Development Authority classroom.

The only difference between this class and the average college class was the subject matter: Pasture Raised Poultry. Class instructor Arvin Nair, also Green Energy Nevada LLC Chief Operations Officer, was very pleased with his first class. “It’s going real good in class; we have some real great people attending.”

While Nair is teaching the poultry raising class for the moment, he intends to eventually get another certified instructor to take over.

“This is our first class, and we plan to start our next class two weeks after this class graduates during Armed Forces Weekend,” Nair said.

If you’re wondering what pasture raised poultry is, Chris Walden said, “Pasture raised is the key element here. The animals are raised on ground, not put in cages. The chickens are treated well and produce premium product.”

Students Keith Hughes and Diane Smith expressed a lot of enthusiasm after their first class. “This is great. This is a possibility for a real good job that pays very well. This is a sustainable job that should last a very long time,” Hughes said.

“We’re going to five classes, five days a week for five weeks. It’s the equivalent of a college course.  I’m very excited, it’s about time industry came here,” Smith said

“All of Hawthorne’s residents should be very excited that something has come here to bring prosperity to the Hawthorne area,” Hughes added.