Dear Editor,

On Saturday, March 29, I entered the Buffalo Stop Bar-B-Que at 7 p.m. There were a lot of people sitting at the tables waiting for the music to start. An electric guitar and congo drums were on the stage. Tim Doyle played the electric guitar and Mr. T. played the congo drums. The music started and the customers where tapping their feet; clapping their hands and dancing in their chairs. The wide variety of music selection pleased the audience. Some customers where eating spaghetti others were just plain listening to the music. Next Saturday, April 5, will be another great chance to experience music that you will enjoy no matter what age group that you in. Tacos will be served. Hope to see you there. Thank you very much Tim and Darlene Doyle for bringing such a wonderful night of entertainment to Walker Lake.

Donna Quattromani

Walker Lake


Dear Editor:

I feel the necessity to rebuke Charlie Morris’s rebuttal dated March 27, of my Letter to the Editor. Generally I totally ignore Charlie’s ranting’s but this one touched a subject that more than a few seem to be ill informed on.

From my subject involving the voter’s right to vote on the laws that rule over us Charlie stated “I do not believe you or I have that right Mr. Inlow”. He goes on to say that’s because we don’t live in a pure democracy. We live in a democratic republic (that is true). However his definition of a democratic republic once we elect the commissioners (legislators) is they have the right to instill whatever laws they choose without recourse, provided they do not commit a crime.

That is a grossly uninformed comment! In a democratic republic, the people rule over the laws and they elect legislators to work for them implementing those laws. The legislators are our servants; we are not the servants of the government.

That is exactly why the founders of the Nevada Constitution constitutionally insured our right to Petition by Referendum or Initiative depending on the circumstances, the ability for the majority vote of the people to repeal, amend, or add laws to the state, county, or city in which the legislators refuse to. That is why our state legislators, the Attorney General’s office, and the Secretary of State work so diligently to protect that right of the people and make it as simple as possible! As they were establishing this democratic republic they fully understood that those in power could not always be trusted with that power, so the people would always have the recourse to ‘overpower’ the legislators because they really do work for us.

The Initiative and Referendum Petition process is as much the democratic process as voting for the candidates of our choice. To eliminate that power would not only be offensive to our founders and legislators, but would turn this into a dictatorial system with the right to elect which dictator you wish to serve under. I am convinced Charlie would much prefer that system, I am also confident the majority of the people in Mineral County wouldn’t.

We are now circulating the petition to repeal the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance within the Mina area, stay tuned as to when we will be in your area.

Mineral County PAC for Limited Government

(Glen Inlow – Chairman of the Board)