Cherrie George has announced she will seek a third term for the office of Clerk-Treasurer. George was first elected to the office in 2006 and then re-elected in 2010.

George says there have been many improvements in the overall operations of the office since 2007. Although she admits she was instrumental in initiating many changes, she contributes the day to day accomplishments and successes to her hard-working and dedicated staff: April Faires; Brenda Jones; Teri Farley; and Bonnie DeMars, as well as the cooperation and assistance of the other County elected officers and departments.

“One of the most important responsibilities of the office is to provide excellent customer service to every person who walks into the office.  This includes phone inquiries and correspondence via e-mail or letters. Our priority is putting the customer first. Whether you are a member of the public; another County officer; an employee; or State agency, everyone in the office takes this responsibility very serious.”

“As Elected Officials, we have to continuously strive for progress and improvement. Accomplishing this will always have its challenges and isn’t always easy, but I look forward to facing those challenges and the opportunity to continue making a difference for the benefit of our local government and to the citizens of Mineral County.”


Christine Hoferer announced this week that on Monday, March 3, she will file for her fifth and final term as Recorder-Auditor of Mineral County.  First elected to office in 1998, Hoferer was re-elected and has served three more consecutive terms and today, remains the current most senior elected official in the County.  Initially employed by the Recorder’s office in 1986, she is now in her 28th year of service to Mineral County.

The Recorder-Auditor serves as a dual capacity County office with the primary responsibilities of recording and maintaining all official records; payroll; human resources; accounts payable; budget preparation; and administration.

“Although there have many changes and challenges in our office over the years, I can’t imagine doing anything else. My job is to come to work each day, lead with my experience and practice my own true sense of honesty, integrity and ethics.  This is public service – and this is what every elected official owes the citizens of this community. These are the rules I have lived by since taking office in 1998. I strive to keep this office moving forward, updating our technology, staying in compliance with Nevada Revised Statutes and complying with all federal laws that govern my functions at the County.”

“I am grateful everyday for the support I continue to receive from the citizens of Mineral County.  It’s been a long journey and I am looking forward to the privilege to serve one more term in this position. The responsibilities of this County office have certainly increased over the years, but my primary focus to serve the citizens of Mineral County has never changed. I am fortunate to have an experienced, dedicated, supportive, hard-working group of women (Donna Oberhansli; Tammy Hamrey and Hillary Pellett) working with me who share my concept of public service.”

Hoferer was elected President of the County Fiscal Officers Association in 2011-12.  She also served as vice president, a member of the audit committee, nominating committee and sits on the Board of Directors of CFOA. She is a member of the Recorders Association of Nevada and routinely attends the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) as well.

This year, Christine and her husband Rob Hoferer, Jr. will celebrate 20 years of marriage. Rob retired in 2012 after serving the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years.  Together they have raised four children, Adam; Andrew; Schyler; and Breanna. They are anxiously awaiting the birth of their sixth grandchild.