Thank You,

First I would like to thank all of the people that have recognized me and given me the warmest welcome ever.  You are the reasons I came back here, well part of the reason.  The other being the sheer beauty of this area.

However, what has really prompted this letter is the collaborative efforts of a few dedicated people that helped find my dog, Bean, when she went missing. It was a very sad week without her, but my community came through for me in a grand way.  I can’t think of another place where an animal control officer would spend his off duty time helping and worrying about a missing dog, even calling other areas because we know Bean likes to get into cars.  Thank you Dan for encouraging me and telling me to not give up hope.  A very special thank you to Carolyn and Glenda, it is unbelievable how you came across a picture of Bean on a completely unrelated website, and recognized her!! And finally, Leslie, the special person that found Bean covered in highway stripping paint and pretty darn hungry at a Hwy 80 rest stop.  It may have just been a dog, but she was my dog and her little adventure made me so happy to live in a community where people are truly concerned for each other’s well being.  Thank you.

Tiffani Tatum


Thank You,

On behalf of the YCAC and myself, I would like to extend my letter of thanks from last week’s letter. There have been so many people who have helped me from day one.

To Vic and Carolyn Trujillo, the pictures you take and carefully edit are treasures that we all can treasure. Thanks John Gavin for the sound system. We are now able to do the National Anthem and our little cheerleaders can do their dances to music.

Also to Mike Trujillo; Eric Hamrey and Cathy Gustafson, thanks for helping with the park grant and showing me the rope. To Cherrie George; Chris Hoferer; Donna Oberhansli and entire county staff up there, thanks for putting up with my endless sometimes goofy questions.

I hope to see all of you at the softball and baseball fields. Happy spring everyone.

Barb Owens


Thank You

The Holton family would like to express their sincere appreciation for your kindness during this time. His family, both immediate and extended are truly appreciated. Your personal expressions, thoughts, visits, hugs, cards, flowers, food and countless various other forms of support will not soon be forgotten. A thank you also to Mineral County’s first responders as well as Gunter’s Funeral Home. We Thank you all very much.

The Holton Family


Thank you

We would like to thank Hawthorne for its support of Herman Millsap and his family.  First of all, Cassie Dore and her staff at The Refinery, did a wonderful job at Herman’s Chili Feed Fundraiser. Secondly, you the community for your unselfish support during Herman’s illness.