Dear Editor,

Actually, this is an open letter to fellow veteran Glen Inlow concerning the recall petition. First, Mr. Inlow, I want to state that I consider myself to be conservative and would most likely agree with you on many issues. But allow me to look at the meaning of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Do you stop at Stop signs Mr. Inlow? When driving on the open parts of Highway 95, do you drive at 70 mph, 75 mph, or as fast as you feel like going today? Do you slow down in school zones or even in town? Every time you stop at a Stop sign or try to maintain a speed that is somewhere close to a legal speed limit, YOUR God given civil rights are being violated.

So why do you comply with those laws? Is it fear of those in patrol cars or is it a realization that you are a part of a community, county, state, and nation that has agreed that these are reasonable rules for all our safety? We all give up something for the respect of our mutual safety and, just as important, our sense of community.

So I would like to propose a situation for you. I’ll buy a large amount of property next to yours. My purpose would be to generate electricity that would be abundantly cheap and available to you as well as every other citizen of Mina. Would you still like the idea if you knew that power generation would come from rotting garbage and manure obtained from Nevada ranchers and various disposal companies? Would you support it or step on my civil right to keep and use my property as I like? Or is it a case of  NIMBY (not in my back yard). Many people feel the same way about blight. Not just yours; not just that of the poor; not just in Mina.

You were in the active duty Army for three years. Thank you for your service. Did you possess the same attitude about your civil rights then and if you did, how did you fare in Vietnam? I know the answer because I spent three and a half years in Vietnam and other theaters of operation in South East Asia between 1966 and 1973. You adapted and conformed to the community (Army) to survive.

This issue may not be about survival, but it is about our shared sense of community. If you want to join a real fight against a real threat to our freedoms, go to We need every ground troop we can get to reel in the insanity of both parties in Washington DC.


Charlie Morris


Dear Editor,

I have thought about writing this for some time but did not. But each week the paper comes out it seems to have the same garbage in it. I am referring to the articles about the codes. I don’t understand where people get their information from. It seems to have certain people in it. I myself and there are others who are getting tired at the jabs that go out to the Building Inspector, the Fire Chief and the Commissioners. Last week, if I read it right was saying that the paint on the outside of your homes. I do not recall anything that has been said that we are told what color or paint we can use. This is getting old and it is a continuous thing that is going on. All I’ve heard at that meeting at the Convention Center was that these codes were being made to help us. If we went by the states codes it sounds to me it would have been a lot worse than what was voted in. Everyone should be happy that the codes we have are for us to be able to live with them. Like I said, I guess I just don’t understand what the problem is with some people.

Trena Odom

Dear Editor,

I thought our new Sheriff did a fair job of explaining his immediate intent within the Sheriffs Corner of the Mineral County Independent-News last week, concerning cleaning Hawthorne streets; alleys and thoroughfares.

I also thought he did a mighty fine job of explaining that his department was just doing their job of enforcing Mineral County Ordinance and that they had no vendetta. I would most definitely take him at his word on he will enforce Mineral County ordinances.

What I do find interesting though is the fact that while he identified part of the Mineral County Nuisance Abatement Ordinance 8.40.080 as the right of power to tag vehicles on any street; alley; or thoroughfare, he neglected to mention that in that same ordinance number it also makes it illegal for any person to have any unregistered vehicle on private property within the county.

If we are going to take the new Sheriff at his word that he is not performing acts of vendetta and merely doing his job of enforcing county law, then we can rest assured that sooner or later he and/or his deputies will eventually be citing private property owners for having unregistered vehicles upon their own private land. After all that is part of the same exact county ordinance that he is now enforcing a portion of.

But then it probably would not be to the counties advantage to begin pursuing the enforcement of that portion of the law until ‘after’ such time as they can prevent a Recall Petition for Paul MacBeth who helped vote in that ordinance (if they can).

The Mineral County PAC for Limited Government is not against the cleaning up of Mineral County. It is working diligently to create the repeal of a highly unconstitutional law (Mineral County Nuisance Abatement Ordinance) that is chock full of  ridiculous overreaching authority in which these county officials are conveniently leaving out of their conversations, and not enforcing at this moment to keep the public appeased.

No one ever put a condition of law into legislation because they would never use it.

Glen H. Inlow


Dear Editor,

Finally! Someone is getting the wrecked; tire flattened; junked; unlicensed vehicles off our streets! Thank you! And could you see about all the camp trailers that are parker on our sidewalks and do something about people living in them too? I moved here 12 years ago, bought an unloved home; cleaned it up and the yards too; paint; and grass seed doesn’t cost that much. But there are folks here in this town that have no pride of home or hearth. Visitors tell me they’d never live in this garbage heap of a town and until more people move here, the economic state of this town will stay the same. To get people to move here, the town has to be pleasing to look at. And I would like to say thanks to Paul MacBeth, its folks like you and our new sheriff that will and have gotten things done around here, Finally!

Patricia Pletzer 


Dear Editor,

I believe that the portion of the blight ordinance that the Recall Committee put in the newspaper was done to further their own cause to Recall Paul MacBeth. The portion that was used was done so as a scare tactic to acquire more signatures. I feel the Senior Citizens of Mineral County were mainly targeted.

I feel the Commissioners should hold a special meeting to ask for volunteers to help the senior citizens of Mineral County who can’t physically or financially cleanup their property.

Could someone tell the citizens of Mineral County the real reason for the recall of Paul MacBeth? When the ordinance will still be in place, other than Mr. MacBeth may possible be out and Jerrie Tipton will be out next September due to her term ending. I believe they both voted for the new ordinance.

So here we go – the way I see it the Recall Committee does not want codes or code enforcement. Or a Code Enforcement Officer or Officers. Citizens of Mineral County we can’t go backwards. We must go forward. By the way who in the hell cares how they do things in NYE COUNTY we are Mineral County.

Thanks for Reading,

Butch Seymour


Dear Editor,

I have to agree with R.L. Dudley on the matter of charging the citizens of Mineral County to haul trash to the Landfill, when we already pay twice. This is bull you know what! As for as myself I might generate – one half – a pickup load all year. That’s because I keep my yard clean and I’m not a scum bag.

Just because a contractor cries about being charged too much and refuses to pay. Take it up with the contractor, don’t expect the citizens to pay more. We are not making any money off a job that generates more trash. They should pay more but should not by overcharged.

And yes it would in the commissioners best interest if anyone wants -re-elected-.

So Hawthorne Utilities says we are responsible for the alley behind our house, that’s great, because mine is always clean. Is there an ordinance on this?? And who is supposed to enforce it?? Does anyone know??

Thanks for Reading, Have a Nice Day.

Butch Seymour