Dear Editor,

Of concern to us is the impact a recall election will have on Mineral County. The County Clerk has said that a special election will cost upwards of $15,000 and since it wasn’t budgeted, it will put that office over budget and their budget will have to be augmented from the General Fund. Since funds are so tight, where will the resulting cuts have to be made that are a loss to the citizens of Mineral County? You can contact Cherrie George, Mineral County Clerk-Treasurer at 775- 945-2446 or

There seems to have been confusion about the code requirement differences between what a residential person or a commercial business is permitted to do and some seem to believe as residents they have to follow the restrictions for commercial businesses and that isn’t true. Mike Fontaine, the Building Inspector, is very willing to clarify anything people want to know. Contact Mike at 775-945-3671 or

The Board of Commissioners when they adopted the ordnance to allow Mineral County to amend the state codes instructed Mr. Fontaine to set up meetings for the public to take part in deciding how the codes should be adapted to fit the needs of Mineral County. He scheduled the Construction Code Clarification Committee and only two citizens came to the first meeting and they weren’t the people who were accusing the county government of a “power grab.” The effort is being made to give the power to the public by including them in these meetings. They are planning two meetings a month at the Mineral County Building Department at 314 5th Street in Hawthorne. There will be notices in the Mineral County Independent News for the meetings.

We are told that the commissioners haven’t listened to the constituents. In 2012 Mineral County was listed as having a population of 4,653 and a group of even 200 is a very small percentage. In the meeting at the Convention Center, if there were 200 there, many of us were not in support of the opposition, so it is unfair to say they aren’t listening to what the citizens want. Many citizens talk with the commissioners directly as individuals and their opinions are also taken into consideration. You are encouraged to speak with the members of the board at any time and they want to hear from you. Cliff Cichowlaz: 775-316-0069 or; Jerrie Tipton: 775-573-2327 Home or 775-482-4053 Cell or; Paul MacBeth: 775-316-2870 or

We hear all the time about how Hawthorne needs to attract new business and one of the things that is a big deterrence is the appearance of so many places in town that need to be cleaned up. A nuisance ordinance had been attempted a few years ago and it needed some revisions to increase its effectiveness. That was passed this year and slowly things are being done, but it can’t happen overnight. Change is not always easy, but if Mineral County is to grow, change has to happen.

We want to thank the Mineral County Commissioners for their foresight and willingness to face the tough issues and vote for what they believe to be the best for Mineral County’s future and its citizens.


Betty Easley; Willow Phillips; James Pruss; Ismael Gomez; Dorothy Fortenberry; Arlo K. Funk; Gary Funk; Maria Contreras; June Dement; Yvonne Downs Shannon Chidester; Kathryn Chidester; John Rubert and Paul C. Haight.


Dear Editor,

Public Rebuttal to Paul MacBeth’s statements in the Mineral County Independent News dated Jan. 16

Macbeth: “I stand behind every decision I have ever made as a commissioner.”

In the Commissioner meeting on Jan. 2 concerning the issue of landfill usage, Commissioner MacBeth publicly stated that although he voted for that ordinance he did not agree with it because it punished those following the law and rewarded those who would dump in the dessert.

MacBeth: “I have yet to have even an informal complaint about my decision making.”

Mr. MacBeth exactly what would you call over 100 people showing up at the convention center to protest the action of the Board of Commissioner’s and you still voted against the protest and in favor of the ordinance they were protesting against?

“MacBeth said he received a letter informing him of the effort, but didn’t know why he was being targeted until he gave an interview for the story.”

Mineral County Observers Facebook page has continually kept up with the Recall Committee’s actions including “why” and I personally invited by e-mail everyone of the Commissioners to the page right after we first created it. If he was ignorant of what was happening then it was due to his own negligence.

“I’ve had numerous constituents come to me and say ‘we need to clean this town up,’’’ MacBeth said. “I have to agree with them. And if that’s what it takes, is a better nuisance ordinance, to help clean this community up, that is what I’m going to do.”

Mr. MacBeth when you are a county commissioner a few people in one town does not qualify for numerous constituents? Half of the over 2,000 registered voters do. You continually refer to that which you want to do for Hawthorne while passing Ordinances which effects everyone in the entire county.

You are a county commissioner, not a Hawthorne Commissioner.

MacBeth: “We literally took the power away from the State of Nevada not to mandate for Mineral County what the building codes would be.”

Oddly the truth is that the ordinance continues forth with the State of Nevada’s building codes and empowers the County Commissioners to even go above and beyond the powers the State has established.

In my personal opinion this man has proven that he should not be allowed in any position of power.

Glen H. Inlow