Let your voice be heard

Mineral County residents please make sure you are at the public hearing before the Commissioners concerning their desired expansion of powers within their proposed Bill 249.

They are already enforcing International Codes that were not in place when they last adopted NAC 477.281 and thereby have completely bypassed the people’s right to be informed and have the opportunity to protest the action. This was done in violation of the public trust and possibly in violation of law. They are now attempting to greatly expand their powers to adopt whatever they choose, and the right to do so without voter approval.

They have apparently colluded with the Fire Chief concerning what they want to adopt because he has made public comments concerning their intent to adopt the 2009 International Fire Code at least in part, however they have not listed such within the public notice to the people that they are required by law to provide. Adopt by reference means they have the authority to adopt anyone’s code system. That opens the door for them to adopt the codes that allow them to monitor your thermostat heat settings and force you to regulate the heat of your private home to their standard, or any other obnoxious socialist code.

We are not going to this hearing to plead with them to stand down on this proposed ordinance. We are going there to demand that they stand down and refuse to vote it in. We need the support of every resident of Mineral County to be present in enough force to show them we will cause to be brought forth a recall election to replace those who vote for this monstrosity. Either these Commissioners will submit to being the servants of the people instead of the elite ruling over us, or we will bring in those who will represent the majority opinion and rule for us.

Again, please be there at the Hawthorne convention Center at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 10. If we show up in strong enough force maybe, just maybe, we will not have to go through the inconvenience and financial burden to continue this after the 10th. We need every available body who can possibly attend. And thank you in advance.

If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Glen H. Inlow