County Codes

I will start this letter to the editor with “two thumbs up” to C.W. Wilkinson on his reporting of the latest County Code article in the Nov. 14 edition. The difference between the first article on this subject and the latest is as stark as night and day. (As Glen sits back in his chair and smiles, while pushing his hat back and says; “We just might make a good reporter out of this one yet!”)

The problems I find within the article are primarily from those who stand in opposition to our attempt to stop this government power grab, which are mainly those who are creating the laws and enforcing them over the people. From the County Code article dated Nov. 14. I quote: “County officials argue that the bill is only a minor wording change in the way new codes are adopted, and allow the county to only adopt the portions of the code that are necessary in Mineral County.”

First this is an oxymoron because there is nothing minor in altering words to grant lawmakers more power to do anything without the peoples consent. Next I would like to point out that by the NAC code they claim they have already adopted, it already grants them full power to make changes to make the code fit what the county needs. The rule that grants them that authority is exactly what they are using to do this change if the Mineral County residents allow it to happen. So tell us again why you need this change?

The truth of the matter (as always; in my opinion) is that although they have always had the right to change the international codes to fit the county they have not once attempted to do so, and now with this bill they are granting themselves the power to go beyond the authority that they claim the State has granted them, and expand the codes even further than the State has accepted them.

They have always had the power to amend what the State has allowed under NAC 477.281 so they need not alter the county law to perform that task. However, according to the Fire Inspector they are desiring to adopt all of or part of the 2009 International Fire Code, and the State itself has never adopted that code within NAC 477.281.

Now they are wanting to grant themselves the authority to expand the codes even further than the State, while at the same time attempting to settle the debate whether they can lawfully enforce NAC 477.281 on private property owners in Mineral County by empowering themselves the lawful right to adopt the international codes themselves, by county ordinance instead of relying upon NAC 477.281.

If we as residents of this county allow them to achieve this goal we will lose “all” control over what laws and codes are forced upon us and we have to live under. If we cannot stop them, then we must use whatever recourse is available to get it overturned and insure the law is amended to require voter approval for any alterations to the codes.

Codes are not anything that require immediate action, and there should be no problem holding off any desired action long enough to get the approval of “we the people” prior to establishing laws that govern our lives.

We elected people to protect our rights, not rule over us! In my opinion the County Commissioners have already proven that we cannot trust them with this expansion of power, without the voters having the ability to keep them in check.

Glen H. Inlow