Check the facts

I need to take the time to publicly thank your reporter C.W. for not personally attacking me in his article concerning the petition to amend the code. Quite frankly I was surprised.

However, with that said, I would like to point out that I believe by his own stated (to me) standards of success, he failed as a reporter to be unbiased and he performed exactly in the manner in which I fully expected him to perform; which is being nothing more than a mouthpiece for the establishment.

If one is going to report unbiased then they must put out the effort to be an investigative reporter. It seems daily newspapers have the time to accomplish this and I see no reason why a weekly paper fails to do this. It is not the establishment that provides the revenue to keep this paper in circulation, it is the people. Therefore it might behoove the reporter in the future to work more fairly towards the people and provide a tad bit more balanced articles.

When one is being unbiased they fact check statements; it appears he attempted to fact check one of my statements and proclaimed he could not find the verification. However, he did not mention that I had told him I didn’t know if I could find that particular article again, but if he did a simple search on the internet he could find pages of examples that fully demonstrate states, counties, and cities across this nation have ordinances that fully reflect my view that the right of entry law grants them the right to obtain an administrative warrant without probable cause and that the right of entry law becomes the probable cause. On the Facebook page, Mineral County Observer, I posted “NOTICE #6” which shows over two pages of quotes with links attached from states, counties, and cities across this nation, along with court rulings that fully demonstrate the Fire Chiefs statement that the International Code right of entry law protects our right to not being searched without probable cause is completely false.

Although while C.W. did make an effortless attempt to fact check one of my statements, he never once made an effort to fact check the Fire Chiefs statements, but he did highlight several of them to give them more credence to the public.

The Fire Chief stated that the code was being updated to the 2009 version. A simple investigation appears to show this to be false. In fact I have not found one thing in the Mineral County Codes that authorize the Fire Chief to enforce any International Code standard whatsoever let alone the 2009 version which the State itself has not even adopted according to the Nevada Government website showing NAC rules or the Nevada Law Library.

C.W. either by intent or ignorance simply became a puppet in the establishment machine to protect their interest over and above the interest of the people of this county.

Even the headline of the article was biased! “Petition to stop code adjustment Creates ire, confusion” is false and implies they simply want to adjust an existing code. The petition actually was to demand the Commissioners to not adopt a new set of codes.

Glen H. Inlow