Dear Editor,

The Kids at Risk Rescue Squad is starting a new fundraiser. Our main source of raising funds in the past has dried up almost completely. So we have come up with a unique and interesting fundraiser event based on the popularity of one “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. For folks unfamilar with KARRS and what we do; we have been involved in providing funding for events and programs such as Challenge Day, Hoop House, the Backpack program, etc. for the youth of our community.

Starting on Sept. 27 to Nov. 27, KARRS will be holding the Savvy Shopper of Mineral County Contest. The concept is simple, folks go out to yard sales, thrift stores, or anywhere for that matter to find that special item to purchase and donate to KARRS. The contest is open to all folks, whether you live in Mineral County or not. The purchased item does not have to be purchased in Mineral County to qualify for this contest, though if it is, that is fantastic. Once donated to KARRS, the item will be listed on eBay by a top rated eBay Power Seller. The winner of the contest will be the person whose item sells for the highest percentage above original price paid for by the person that donated the item. This person will win the title of the KARRS Savvy Shopper of Mineral County for 2013.

A couple of things to remember, the donated item must have a receipt, with the date, the amount paid and a brief description. The receipt is an absolute must have, for this contest. For complete rules and more information, please visit the KARRS website at

Now for a bit of good old fashioned fun and rivalry. Though I can’t officially enter the contest and am not eligible for any prizes, since I am on the board of directors of KARRS; but for the fun of it, I can still follow the rules of the contest and make a donation to KARRS. The “treasure” I find and donate to KARRS will be posted on our website. Will it sell or will I get skunked? To all my fellow bargain hunters out there, I challenge each and every one of you to beat me at finding that special treasure. This challenge includes all my fellow business owners in Mineral County, especially those that deal in 2nd hand merchandise, like I do.

Donated items for this contest will be accepted each Saturday from Noon to 2 p.m. at the southwest corner of 5th Street and I Street in Hawthorne. If you need to make other arrangements, please call 775-945-9001. Please try to get your entry in as soon as possible, for it takes time to list items on-line.

Semper Fi,
M J Dykxhoorn
M J’s Depot