Dear Editor,

I recently applied for the opening on the school board in Mineral County. Admittedly I did not give a good interview, by the time I stepped up to the podium I was so upset and angry I wanted to chew my arm off to keep from slapping anyone.

I have never in my life been treated with such disrespect. The women on the board discriminated against me, quite openly I might add. They are racist and their only concern was for their friend whom had not shown up for the interviews.

Before interviewing began, between the interviews of the gentleman who showed up and me, and after my interview. Their only concern was that their friend and woman of choice had not shown up.

Needless to say neither I nor the gentleman who did take the time to show up was approved. I do not think there should be 3 people from Schurz or 3 people from Hawthorne on the board, the outlying communities have a right to be represented.

I would like to apologize to Mina for not giving a better interview in their behalf, but I am sure at this point it really wouldn’t have mattered. This is the second time the position has had a tie vote and no individual was chosen to serve. There is no precedent set for someone outside the board to break these dead locks and it is a problem that needs to be addressed.

These women are determined to take over the school board and I don’t know about anyone else but I do not want my grandchildren in a school district where bigoted, racist people are in control.

Tammie Merritt

Dear Editor,

Hawthorne, as with any good community, has a core of good citizens that make it a better place. It was interesting to read about the grand opening of the Hawthorne Variety Store in “Reflection of the Past.” As with the case of Hawthorne, there was a family core of good people that made Hawthorne Variety Store a better place.

Many recall these good people: Dorothy Richie; Helen Horn; Ruby Redman and family; Elma Bryant and family; Phyllis Rather and family; Eunice Oberhansli and family; Angie Watson and family; Lois Mitchell; Virginia Cox and family; Linda Price; Rue Haworth; Bill and Goldie Kellison; and others who made the Hawthorne Variety Store.

Good memories of the good old days of Hawthorne; Babbitt; the Base; and the Hawthorne Variety Store exist today.

Dean and Jim Kellison