Breaking News: Early voting ballots may not have been counted in Mineral County General Election

The word of all the people may not have been heard on Election Day 2014, after it was discovered that 176 ballots may not have been counted after being cast in an early voting machine. Mineral County had already been flagged for a discrepancy by the Nevada Secretary of State and the Nevada Supreme Court… [More…]

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Recently I have read in the Letters to the Editor section of this newspaper and heard in person several comments regarding Sheriff Stewart Handte and his enforcement of our local laws and ordinances. In this great country, we all have the right to free speech, but I feel that some of these comments… [More…]

Singh Files Lawsuit Against County

After finding over a half million dollars’ worth of cannabis in a Schurz motel, Mineral County Sheriff Stewart Handte and District Attorney Sean Rowe have found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit. The owner of the Road Runner Motel, Raghvendra “Raj” Singh, 52, has filed the suit on Sept. 18 in Sacramento federal court,… [More…]

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I am a mother of two children and would like to say how very proud I am with Sheriff Handte and his decision to clean up Mineral County. I as a mother can send my children to school without a worry of their physical safety. While I can imagine it not being a… [More…]

Cards of Thanks

Thank You, The Dogs Gone Wild Pool Party was a hit with local dogs and their families.  The event was sponsored by the Drug Free Communities Committee and the Coalition of Hawthorne.  Special thanks to Sarah Dillard, Morgan Price and Karen Boyles for life guard services and Barb Owens with Parks and Recreation for allowing… [More…]

Street Value of Pot Worth More Than $400k

The raid on the Road Runner Motel in Schurz last Tuesday left a pondering question, “What is the value of the marijuana plants, dried marijuana and hash oil worth?” According to Sheriff Stewart Handte of the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office, he values each marijuana plant at $3,000, conservatively, regardless of size or condition. Deputies found… [More…]

On the Run

Felony warrant issued for Schurz motel owner The Road Runner Motel in Schurz sits vacant again as the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office issued a felony warrant for owner, Raghvendra “Raj” Singh, who purchased the motel in October of 2013 for $105,000. The raid took place on Sept. 3 on a warrant issued to Walker River… [More…]

Grow operation uncovered in Schurz

A large scale marijuana drug cultivation operation was shut down on Tuesday, Sept. 2 in Schurz. The investigation resulted in the seizure of over 110 marijuana plants at the Road Runner Motel on the outskirts of the small reservation. The search warrant was applied for by Walker River Paiute Tribe and was executed with the… [More…]

Reckless driver near Mina arrested for DUI, other charges

Events took an interesting turn for four members of the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department during a recent trip to Mina to serve an Emergency Protection Order. Sheriff Stewart Handte, Undersheriff Steve McBride, Sergeant Earl Perry and Deputy Gabe Andrada witnessed the incident. “We were southbound on Highway 95 about three miles north of Luning, when… [More…]

Citizens on Patrol program reinstituted

The Mineral County Sheriff’s Department is reinstituting the Citizens on Patrol, or COPS program. Sheriff Stewart Handte placed Sergeant Earl Perry in charge of the program. Perry led the program in the past. After having some conversations with the citizenry of Mineral County, including the citizens of Walker Lake and Mina, Handte concluded it was… [More…]