State History: Stagecoach Travel in Nevada

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), traveled by stagecoach across the Territory of Nevada in 1860 with his brother, Orion. At that time, the most convenient method of traveling any long distance was either by stagecoach, or by horseback. Twain wrote about his journey from Missouri to Carson City in his classic book, “Roughing It.” Several stage… [More…]

Indian Artifacts Can Be Found Almost Anywhere

Ever since I grew up on a ranch that had been an old Indian village site, I have had a special fascination for Indian artifacts. Arrowheads, beads, scrapers, and fragments of other stone tools can still be found just about anywhere in the mountains, fields, and deserts of the Great Basin. There are laws against… [More…]

Nevada’s Fort Churchill Remains a Sight to See

Just one year after silver was discovered in the Comstock Lode, a band of Paiute and Bannock Indians attacked several white settlers at Williams Station about 30 miles east of Virginia City along the Carson River. The station was burned and several men were murdered. When word of the attack reached the Comstock, a volunteer… [More…]