Tag: Mineral County Sheriff’s Office

Arrest Record

The following people were arrested in Mineral County on or after April 22 and were in jail on Monday at or after about 8 a.m. All charges against them are misdemeanors unless otherwise noted. All are innocent until proven guilty...

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Wanted Felon Arrested in Sacramento

Last week, Mineral County Sheriff’s Office issued a wanted poster for Robert Maurice Wilson for failure to appear. Wilson was convicted of multiple charges during a jury trial on Dec. 14, 2017. He was convicted by said jury for...

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Busy Week for Sheriff’s Deputies

A series of events kept Mineral County Sheriff’s deputies busy during the first week of March. The first day of March, a female senior citizen contacted law enforcement advising them that she could not find her bank card. Upon...

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Sheriff’s Make Big Drug Bust

  Mineral County Sheriff’s Office made a substantial drug arrest on Friday, Dec. 29, when members of the department who were working an overtime assignment for the Office of Traffic Safety pulled over a vehicle containing...

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