Lions Club Donates New American Flag to Hawthorne

  Excited children and teachers came out of their classes to meet near the flag pole at the front of Hawthorne Elementary School last week as some of the local Lions Club members joined in for a special presentation “As you kids know, our American flag was pretty worn out and fairly small for our… [More…]

Local Lions Club continues to grow

  A special evening was prepared at the home of Jean Peterson, for the Hawthorne Lions Club to host Barry Temple, the Lion’s District Governor for the 2017-18 year, as well as his predecessor, Cal Bushek. Accompanying this group was Lion’s Vice District Governor, Al Van Gordon with his wife, Evelyn who had traveled in… [More…]

Boxwoods donated for downtown planters

This year the Hawthorne Lions Club purchased Boxwoods in hope of having year round greenery in the downtown planters. Compost has been added to all the planters to encourage plant growth. Anyone interested in adopting a planter for adding flowers please call Tammy Bunch or Jean Peterson. As the Victory Garden Club has watered the planters over the years volunteers have noted… [More…]

Lions Club lights Christmas tree, decorates Hawthorne

Hawthorne is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Toys in every store, trees lining E Street; and Veterans Memorial Park and the vast evergreen across the street are drenched in lights. Yuletide joy is being brought to Hawthorne in all quarters by dozens of people, but in the most public spaces the Lions Club… [More…]