Historic Photo to be Displayed at Hawthorne Airport

  Mineral County Public Works Director Eric Hamrey was bestowed a gift for the Hawthorne Airport from longtime residents. The photo and letter from Louis Destree shows the ramp at the Hawthorne airport in 1945. Louis’ grandfather, Victor, ran a flying service in the area and was an instructor to many, who dreamed to learn… [More…]

Hawthorne airport receives grant

  The Hawthorne Municipal Airport received a federal grant to help with lighting. In a U.S. Department of Transportation announcement, $4.6 million in federal grants were awarded to Nevada cities and counties to help repair and improve airports and aviation equipment in rural Nevada. Hawthorne Municipal Airport was awarded $93,750 of those funds to “replace… [More…]

For Hawthorne’s Easley, Volunteering is a Labor of Love

Used with permission by Robin Hunt Deputy Director, AWP Airports It is our pleasure to spotlight those in the aviation community who have a love for aviation and make things better for the rest of us. These special individuals bring attention to the great industry we all work in and the benefits it gives to… [More…]

Cloud Seeding Conducted Above Hawthorne Airport

Unmanned aerial cloud-seeding reached a new milestone through the successful integration and deployment of 14 ejectable cloud-seeding flares at low altitude. In several test passes, Drone America’s Savant™ sUAS aircraft deployed its silver-iodide cloud-seeding payload 75-feet above the Hawthorne Industrial Airport’s runway with direct supervision from local fire crews and airport authorities, while being monitored… [More…]