Local Scout Installs Post Anchors for Eagle Project

  Working side by side with friends and family, Kyler Musselman, a senior at Mineral County High School has been working towards his Eagle Scout rank. For his Eagle project, this Scout has been working with the Mineral County Sportsman’s Club by installing and cementing in post anchors for local canyon or popular site signs.… [More…]

Troop 75 Boy Scouts hold awards ceremony

With a roomful of boy scouts, many family and friends gathered together as Jim Pruss, the Scout Master of Troop 75 began the evening’s awards ceremony, which was called the Court of Honor. As many merit badges were passed out among the various scouts, one in particular stood out. Pruss explained, “As an Eagle Scout… [More…]

Grandson of local earns Boy Scout eagle rank

Young men throughout the world set their goal on becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. Becoming an Eagle Scout is not easy to come by. Many years of study and training are involved utilizing several categories such as: Duty to God and country, obeying the Scout laws, keeping… [More…]

Boy Scout, nearing Eagle, organizes scoring booth build

A Hawthorne Boy Scout is overcoming one of the last barriers to earning the rank of Eagle Scout, highest rank the organization provides. Triston Schlep, 17, is on the verge of earning the coveted red, white, blue and silver patch. On July 27, he took a significant step to earning the rank. “We’re building an… [More…]