Time to Relax Professional Job Licensing Burden

We have ranted and railed for years about the excessive and job-killing professional licensing requirements in Nevada — to no avail. Nevada has long ranked among the worst locales in the nation for limiting competition for jobs in certain professions — and not just doctors and lawyers, but also bricklayers, makeup artists, bus drivers, painters,… [More…]

Federally Funded Gun Study Misfires

Spend enough money, crunch enough data — you can “prove” anything. A recent study out of the hallowed halls of the University of California at Berkeley found a 70 percent increase in gun deaths and injuries in California communities after gun shows in nearby Nevada cities, but no increase in gun violence following gun shows… [More…]

Good Riddance to EPA’s Clean Power Plan

President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has pulled the plug on the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which called for power plants in every state to reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 — a not so thinly veiled plan to destroy the coal industry. It was a senseless and futile gesture… [More…]

Gun Law Backers Too Wily for Their Own Good

The backers of a 2016 ballot initiative to create a state law requiring criminal background checks for all private party gun sales — something not required by federal law — are asking the courts to fix a fatal flaw that they themselves created. Failure to comply with the Background Check Act requirement would carry a… [More…]

Commerce Tax is Unnecessary and Burdensome

Gov. Brian Sandoval has been crying about a paper cut as though it were an amputation. Ever since Attorney General Adam Laxalt stated that he would run for governor next year and one of his platform positions would be the repeal of the 2015 commerce tax, Sandoval has been lobbying brickbats, even though Laxalt suspended… [More…]

Bill Would Limit Power to Create National Monuments

The House Committee on Natural Resources this past week approved a bill sponsored by Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop to rein in the powers granted by the Antiquities Act of 1906 that allow a president to unilaterally create huge national monuments. The bill advanced on a party-line vote of 27-13, with Democrats in opposition. The… [More…]

Jobs and Wildlife Can Coexist

In 2015 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined that years of science-based protections by federal and state land use plans had substantially reduced risks to more than 90 percent of the greater sage grouse’s breeding habitats across its 173 million-acre range. Thus, its extinction no longer imminent, the breed was removed as a candidate… [More…]

Tax Reform That Could Benefit Nevadans Slipping Away

It looks like a tax reform proposal that could have resulted in lower income tax rates for Nevadans is swirling down the drain. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that congressional Republicans are considering jettisoning a part of President Trump’s proposal that would eliminate IRS deductions for state and local taxes. Dropping the deduction would… [More…]

Survey Finds Widespread Campus Intolerance for Free Speech

Welcome to the coming mobocracy. It appears we are rearing a generation that already has all the answers, knows what needs to be said and done and will brook no deviation from the preordained norm. A debate is not an option. In the face of a deluge of anti-free speech activities, including actual riots, on… [More…]

Lawsuit Falsely Claims Fracking will be Devastating

The Luddites are tossing legal wrenches into the economic machinery. A pair of self-styled environmental groups has filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to block oil and gas leases on tracts on Bureau of Land Management public land, claiming hydraulic fracturing or fracking might somehow jeopardize aquifers and all manner of wildlife.… [More…]