Mineral County Commission News

From the latest Mineral County Commission meeting Public Comment Richard Bryant spoke in regards to Mineral County Economic Development records request on May 3. He stated that this had to do with Green Energy Nevada and listed the dates comment was requested. He stated that he was offended by the request. He stated, “Looks like… [More…]

Summer school classes offered at MCHS

While MCHS graduates and others have been marking the calendar days until school is out on June 1, others have been planning a comprehensive summer school for local students. Emerging 7th graders (current 6th graders) and all junior high/high school students will be given an opportunity to participate in a three-week summer school beginning on… [More…]

Local music students perform concert at junior high gym

A resounding celebration of music was presented by Dr. Ben Gooch, Music Teacher for the Mineral County School District, and the music students, on May 25 in the Junior High School gym. The Hawthorne Elementary Rocket’s Band and Choir presented a half hour of well-rehearsed numbers to an audience of parents and local music supporters.… [More…]

America’s heroes honored at Hawthorne Memorial Day service

Memorial Day is celebrated by some with a three-day weekend, barbecues and parades but Memorial Day is truly a solemn day. A day of remembrance of those who have lost their life defending ours, giving thanks for their sacrifice and visiting burial grounds where so many of these patriots now lie. Under the “Big Flag”,… [More…]

Hawthorne Elementary School students hold patriotic concert

Something special took place at the Hawthorne Elementary Armed Forces Day school program on May 16, as children from each grade level took to the risers to sing out lyrics of America to a full crowd. Some children dressed in red, white and blue, while others wore shirts decorated in stars or camouflaged Army colors.… [More…]

Volunteers sought for Challenge Day at MCHS

Submitted by: Kathy Trujillo Students at Mineral County High School and preparing to “be the change” at the Challenge Day Assembly scheduled for Thursday, June 1. Organizers are hoping that the last day of the 2016-2017 school year will be one of the best days. The Challenge Day Program is designed to unite the members… [More…]

Arts council back in swing

A resurgence for the Mineral County Arts Council (MCAC) came when Shoshana Zeldner, Community Arts Director from the Nevada Arts Council, brought together a local group for an open forum regarding artistic and cultural awareness for the area. Several MCAC members were present, joined by a few community leaders and one high school student, Diego… [More…]

Mineral County High students get ‘bite of reality’

In an age when students are appearing less than prepared for the truth of life’s practical expenses, Financial Horizons Credit Union and many from their local Board of Trustees, along with community volunteers, joined to bring the “Bite of Reality” program to the Mineral County High School students again this year. With an outstanding and… [More…]

AFD talent show a hit

With over seven acts presented by hosting MC, Ann Kee, in the youth category and another six performing in the adult division, the Armed Forces Talent Show, held Wednesday, May 17, was a night of talent and applause. Audience members enjoyed an unusual array of talents ranging from a boxing routine to an Indian hoop… [More…]

Hawthorne celebrates Armed Forces Day

67 years ago, Hawthorne celebrated their first Armed Forces Day Celebration and from that day forward, citizens of this county help to keep Hawthorne “America’s Patriotic Home”. Under a clear blue sky, main street was covered in red, white and blue for the parade on Saturday. This year’s theme of “America’s Military – Guardians of… [More…]