Mineral County Commission Highlights

Mineral County Board of Commissioner Highlights from the Dec. 20, 2017 meeting: Accounts payable Discussion regarding Ormat abatement from Commissioner Jerrie Tipton. Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer stated she will keep an eye on this. Mike McNeill addressed the commissioners regarding the health inspector requiring the convention center to replace the refrigerator. He stated that there is… [More…]

Spearman Jumping into Race to Replace Kihuen; Ex-Rep. Horsford, Nlv Mayor Lee and Regent Stephens Considering Bids

By Michelle Rindels The Nevada Independent Shortly after telling a Democratic club that she was 99.99 percent sure she’d jump into Nevada’s 4th Congressional District race, state Sen. Pat Spearman acknowledged that she’s now fully in the contest. “There shouldn’t be any doubt,” Spearman told The Nevada Independent on Thursday. She filed paperwork with the… [More…]

Explaining the White Lines in Our Sky

  Distinct lines of chalky white periodically show up in the skies above many rural towns in Nevada and elsewhere, leaving many wondering about the controversial subject of “Contrails vs Chemtrails”. These distinct, wide formations, creating “X’s” or horizontal pathways, have a primary explanation known as contrails. This is simply condensation caused by the moisture… [More…]

Flu on the Rise in Nevada

  So many residents of Mineral County spent their holidays battling the influenza virus. The Independent-News reached out to Mineral County Health Officer Wanda Nixon and Mt. Grant General Hospital Administrator Hugh Qualls to better assist our readers during the flu season. In a statement from Nixon, she explains, “During the last week of November… [More…]

Family Confirms Passing of Former Mineral County Sheriff Fred Trdla

  It has been announced by his family, that former Mineral County Sheriff Fred Trdla passed away on Dec. 14 at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Reno. Elected to the office of sheriff on Nov. 5, 2002, Sheriff Trdla edged out his opponent Dale Lauborough by 222 votes. He would serve in this position… [More…]

Free Radon Test Kits Available

January is National Radon Action Month, and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Radon Education Program is offering free short-term radon test kits to Nevadans from Jan. 1 through Feb. 28. Radon test kits are available at Cooperative Extension offices and partnering locations, as well as at presentations statewide. Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that is colorless,… [More…]

Another Strike at Coryville

By Harold Fuller The North Star Consolidated Mine, owned by Tobe Crossman and the two Ganong brothers, Charlie and Cork and is situated about a half mile northwest of the Mount Cory mine and about the same distance west from the town of Coryville. The ledge is separate and distant from that of the Mount… [More…]

December Was Dry and Warmer for Much of Northern Nevada

  The Reno-Sparks area went without measurable rain in December for only the fourth time since 1988, though weather officials say the current dry spell is not all that unusual. Snow enthusiasts may be a bit dismayed at the dry weather pattern in the area, especially considering last winter was the wettest ever. However, National… [More…]

Holiday Traditions Take Different Forms Across the Globe

  As families and friends in the United States gathered for their New Year’s celebration (being the last in the world to hit the midnight hour), some of the first places to toast in the New Year was Samoa, Tonga and Kiritimati. In the United States, traditions such as dinners, fireworks, count-downs and dances were… [More…]

Sheriff’s Make Big Drug Bust

  Mineral County Sheriff’s Office made a substantial drug arrest on Friday, Dec. 29, when members of the department who were working an overtime assignment for the Office of Traffic Safety pulled over a vehicle containing cocaine. Deputies pulled over a 2016 Jeep Commander SUV bearing Nevada license plate number UNR21056 for traveling 82 miles… [More…]