Rare Solar Eclipse Coming Soon

  The countdown to the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is only days away. This total solar eclipse will happen when the path of the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun’s atmosphere, leaving only the “corona” to be seen. The eclipse will be seen from Oregon to South Carolina. The first point… [More…]

Here’s Another Chance to Repeal the Commerce Tax

In 2014 Nevada voters rejected by 79 percent to 21 percent a proposed margins tax, effectively an income tax on state businesses. Despite this unequivocal rejection at the ballot box, lawmakers a few short months later passed a similar, though currently somewhat smaller, tax called the Commerce Tax. The Commerce Tax passed with a two-thirds… [More…]

Arrest Record

The following people were arrested in Mineral County on or after July 30 and were in jail on Monday at or after about 8 a.m. All charges against them are misdemeanors unless otherwise noted. All are innocent until proven guilty in court. Names and charges appear as they have been received from the sheriff’s office.… [More…]

Nevada’s Hidden Cave

About 10 miles southeast of Fallon, Nevada on US Highway 50, there is a place known as the Grimes Point Archaeological Area. Over the last 10,000-21,000 years, the level of ancient Lake Lahontan fluctuated widely due to natural climate changes. At times, the water was so high, it formed a fresh water lake that extended… [More…]

Nevada Death Row Inmate Drops Appeal, Wants His Execution

  A Nevada death row inmate who killed and dismembered 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller in a Las Vegas motel in 2002, robbed the deceased of $12,000 has asked a state judge to drop any appeals because he would like to be executed. Scott Raymond Dozier, 46, who appeared before Clark County District Judge Jennifer Togliatti in… [More…]

Nevada School Districts Come Together to Review New Bills

  As the Nevada Legislators completed a lengthy term of reviewing and passing newly accepted Assembly (AB) bills and Senate (SB) bills this year, the NASB (Nevada Association of School Boards) brought Nevada District Trustees together for a Saturday morning review of the passed bills affecting the Nevada school system. The Mineral County School Board… [More…]

Western congressmen seek monument size reductions

Recently the 17 members of the Congressional Western Caucus — which includes Nevada’s Rep. Mark Amodei — took Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke up on his request for feedback on what to do about all the national monuments created in the past two decades, sending him a letter with specific recommendations about 27 of those monuments.… [More…]

Free diabetes class being offered

Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic or live with someone who is? If so, you are invited to a no-cost six-week workshop to help you live better and improve your health. The class will be held Aug. 17, 24, 31 and Sept. 7, 14, 21 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. at the senior center, 975 K St., Hawthorne. Reserve your spot by calling Jess at 775-482-9883 or e-mail:Jess@nyecc.org. This is an evidenced-based self-management workshop originally developed at Stanford University. Free class… [More…]

School climate action project underway

Parents, guardians and caregivers of students who will enter Hawthorne Junior High School (7th and 8th graders) are invited to participate in Capstone Action Project to be facilitated by Kathy Trujillo. Trujillo, a Safe School Professional, is completing her graduate studies at Claremont Lincoln University (CLU). The research question that is being asked is “Can… [More…]

World famous Teamster makes his last drive

By Harold Fuller Donald McGilvey, better known as “Mac”, who had a world-wide reputation as a driver of many animals, died June 12, 1909 in Hawthorne, of pneumonia and pleurisy after a ten day illness. McGilvey was the man who drove the 20 mule team of Borax Smith down Broadway with one jerk line. This… [More…]