Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I had a few minutes in front of the commissioners last week regards to landfill assessment and am sure they had their minds made up without hearing all my objections, the one I think is the most objectionable is the discrimination against us nearer town, having to pay all they expect but letting… [More…]

Yucca Mountain Railroad Response

Dear Editor, I read with interest your Commentary column (Thomas Mitchell, “It may be time to negotiate Yucca Mountain benefits”) in the May 5, 2017 edition. Whether a person opposes or supports the storage or reprocessing of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, it should be clear to all that the alternative proposed routing for a… [More…]

Letter to the Editor: More Than a Little Surprised

To the Editor, I picked up my weekly paper from the post office after being gone a couple days in Reno and opened it to read. I was more than a little surprised to see my name come up in regards to landfill assessments as I had been waiting for a couple weeks or more… [More…]

Letter to the Editor: Saddened by Lack of Participation

Dear Editor, I drove around town the evening of Thursday April 20th, the day before the town wide free trash pickup for Earth Day. I was saddened by the lack of participation. There are so many homes in this town with trash and clutter in their front yards that needed to be put to the… [More…]

Letter to the Editor: Dismayed Over Economic Development Authority

Dear Editor, I am moving back to Mineral County after two years in Washington State, where I worked with the City of Oroville (population 1,750) and the US Department of Commerce to create or retain 156 jobs at a lumber mill just south of the Canadian border. I caught up on developments in Mineral County… [More…]

Letter to the Editor: To the Hawthorne Post Office Staff

Dear Editor, To the Hawthorne Post Office Staff: I am a resident of Mineral County since 2004; you and your staff have always gotten my mail and packages to me in a timely manner. Please know that I appreciate your hard work, you have a difficult job and unkind comments about your competence or work… [More…]

Letters to the Editor: March 30, 2017

Dear Editor, A great big thank you to Dr. Gooch and to the junior and senior high bands and choruses for a delightful concert March 16. Thanks to Dr. Gooch for his dedication and leadership. Thanks to the players and singers for their devotion and for keeping their instruments and voices active when there was… [More…]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Those of us who attended the school meetings to “discuss” the four day school week were told there would be no more early out days. All meetings and training would be held on Fridays. This was due to the fact that under the four day school week our children would be losing two… [More…]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Sheriff Randy Adams and Under-Sheriff Billy Ferguson came to visit me today to discuss my letter to the editor that I wrote a couple of weeks ago regarding cleaning up our town. First I’d like to say in no way did I mean to insinuate that Randy or Billy aren’t busy men when… [More…]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, In regards: Martha Espinosa’s letter concerning cleanup of property: Hooray for you, I feel exactly the same way regarding the cleanup of property. Each time I called a county department I was told to call a different department. All to no avail, why aren’t the commissioners doing their job? So many properties filled… [More…]