Senate hopeful makes stop in Hawthorne

  In a town hall setting at G & B Bistro in Hawthorne, Jesse Sbaih gave the Independent-News a one-on-one interview as he begins his run for Nevada Senate, going up against incumbent Senator Dean Heller. A Henderson attorney, Sbaih explains that his story comes back to him being the son of to Jordan immigrants… [More…]

Cooperative extension holds summer program for local kids

Submitted The Mineral County Cooperative Extension held a week long Veggies for Kids summer institute last month in Hawthorne. Mineral County Cooperative Extension provided this program in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club of Mineral County. There were an average of 40 students in attendance each day, doubling the program’s participants from last year.… [More…]

Combat helicopters arrive at Ordnance Museum

There are but few combat helicopters that are able to come back home in one piece and able to prove to America that they truly supported and provided security to our troops in extreme combat conditions. Learning that the U.S. Army had two UH-1 Huey Gunships available, officials of the Hawthorne Ordnance Museum (HOM) inquired… [More…]

44 years later, case of missing Hawthorne child remains cold

  On Nov. 14, 1973, crowds of well-wishers cheered for Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips as they wed in the Westminster Abbey in England, but in Hawthorne, a boy was lost. Last seen on that Wednesday night around 7:30 p.m. near the El Capitan Casino, where he worked as a bus boy, Michael David… [More…]

Local Boys & Girls Club gets big donation from Elks

Hawthorne’s exalted ruler of the Elks Lodge, Kent Wofford, stopped by a busy room of children playing at the Boys & Girls Club, to present a check for $2,500 which was allocated from an established gratuity grant. “When I found out the Boys and Girls Club were coming to Hawthorne last year, I had just… [More…]

Trash pickup issue resolved for Walker Lake

Following months of wrestling with the best decisive outcome for the trash service within Walker Lake, a solution has been agreed upon. Larry Grant, Director of Hawthorne Utilities, referred to it as “someone that dropped from the sky” as Andy Countryman from Fallon arrived to complete the necessary paperwork and licensing to provide home site… [More…]

America’s heroes honored at Hawthorne Memorial Day service

Memorial Day is celebrated by some with a three-day weekend, barbecues and parades but Memorial Day is truly a solemn day. A day of remembrance of those who have lost their life defending ours, giving thanks for their sacrifice and visiting burial grounds where so many of these patriots now lie. Under the “Big Flag”,… [More…]

Hawthorne celebrates Armed Forces Day

67 years ago, Hawthorne celebrated their first Armed Forces Day Celebration and from that day forward, citizens of this county help to keep Hawthorne “America’s Patriotic Home”. Under a clear blue sky, main street was covered in red, white and blue for the parade on Saturday. This year’s theme of “America’s Military – Guardians of… [More…]

Routes for proposed interstate remain a question

Mineral County Planning Commission members David Ellis and Mark Nixon met with the Independent-News last week urging the Nevada State Senate to ensure that the Intermountain West Corridor (I-11) does not bypass Mineral County. Nixon explained that much work has been accomplished since the first town hall meeting where questions and support were raised regarding… [More…]

Mineral County girls shine at Miss Armed Forces Day pageant

The start of the Armed Forces Day celebration always begins with the crowing of Miss Armed Forces Day but getting ready for the stage starts a month ahead of time for Mineral County ladies. Only one lady tried out for Miss Armed Forces Day this year. Unfortunately for Cheyenne Walker, the coaches for this event… [More…]